How To Choose The Best Hair Loss Concealer in 2017

Imagine you are in a scenario where you are about to attend your best friend’s wedding party in a few hours time but you aren’t comfortable with your thinning hair or bald spots. Being your best friend’s important occasion, you want to look the part.

Don’t be distressed should this happen to you. You can purchase the best hair loss concealer to help you get voluminous hair within the shortest time possible. One thing to keep in mind though is that there are tons of these products on the market with different prices, pros, and cons. This might make it hard for you to determine which product to invest your money on.

So in this blog post, we are going to eliminate the hassle of choosing the best hair concealer. In the first part, we have included all the information you need to know about these products including factors to consider when choosing the best product. In the second part, we have recommended the best 5 products you can consider purchasing in 2017. Read on to learn more.

Top 4 Best Hair Loss Concealer Comparison Table 2017

ShampooFeaturesTime It LastsOur RatingPrice
Infinity Hair Building Fibers
Instantly Conceals Bald Spot Made of micro fibers Stays in until you use shampoo 24 Hours 4.5 Stars $$
TOPPIK Hair Building Fibers
100% Natural Wind and Rain resistant Instant Thicker,fuller hair 24 Hours 4.5 Stars $$$
Caboki Hair Loss Concealer
Firmly sticks to your hair Works on both men and women Does not stain your skin or clothing. 24 - 48 Hours 4.5 Stars $$
Biotin Hair Loss Shampoo
Works on both men and women Easy Application Instant Thick and Fuller Hair 24 Hours 4 Stars $

Is Hair Loss a Concern?

Hair loss or baldness is a problem that is common with old people. For some individuals, it is a problem that they have to deal with in their early years. When it occurs at a younger age, it can be quite embarrassing. It may also bring some discomfort, especially when going out with friends or attending a party.

Hair loss or baldness is a problem that is common with old people. For some individuals, it is a problem that they have to deal with in their early years. When it occurs at a younger age, it can be quite embarrassing. It may also bring some discomfort, especially when going out with friends or attending a party.

Some people assume that it is the shortage of nutrition or wild way of living that causes baldness at a younger age. In nearly all cases, this is not true. Some studies show that the problem is associated with genetics affecting both men and women of all ages. In some few cases, it is purely associated with issues like lower self-esteem, anxiety, and depression.

Advantages of Using a Hair Concealer

  1. There are many options at your disposal when you want to cover up those balding spots or thinning hair. Many people prefer hair loss products because they have many benefits compared to other alternatives such as hair transplant. Here are their advantages.
  2. Compared to hair transplants, concealers are effective in bringing instant results. They can effectively cover up your baldness within the shorted time possible without prohibiting the growth of the remaining follicles.
  3. Concealers not only produce instant results but they are also the most affordable alternatives for covering up baldness. On average, the surgical session when carrying out hair transplant is between 1000 and 2000 grafts. The cost per graft is around 5 dollars per graft. After the entire transplant process, the hair will start to grow after 3 months and will mature fully after a year or so. This is a long, tiresome and expensive process.
  4. Another advantage of using concealers is that there are many color styles to choose from such as medium brown, dark brown, light brown, black, medium blonde, auburn, light blonde, white, gray and many others.
  5. Hair loss products also blend in naturally with your existing hair. This prevents drawing unnecessary attention when partying or spending time with younger friends and family.
  6. There are lots of safety concerns when using other alternatives such as hair transplants. This can be avoided by using the best product.
  7. Most of these products provide a temporary solution to thinning hair or baldness. They can be removed without any hassle by use of hair shampoo.

Types of Hair Loss Concealers

It is important for you to know various options of hair loss products before you make a purchase decision. We have explained the two main types below:

  1. Sprays

These types of concealers are equipped with spray applicators. They are not only easy to apply but also effective in concealing the bald spots on the head. They contain color dyes and chemicals which give your scalp the same color shades as your hair. One of the drawbacks of sprays is they can look artificial if not applied carefully.

  1. Sprinkles & Powder Solids

Many people recommend these types of products over sprays. These are not ordinary chemical but micro-hair building fibers which come in form of a powder. When applied on the affected area, they stick firmly to the existing hair forming a static electricity bonding with it. They are applied from a dispenser directly on the affected area to produce a voluminous natural hair volume.

How Hair Loss Products Works

It is important to understand how concealers work. Basically, these products contain tiny keratin fibers. When they are sprayed or shaken on the thinning area or bald spots, these tiny fibers firmly stick to the hair like tiny magnets providing a voluminous natural look. Regardless of how thin your existing hair strand is, these keratin hair fibers will bind with it creating a natural volume for thicker and fuller natural looking hair instantly.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Top Hair Loss Concealer

When purchasing hair loss products, it is important to choose the right product on the market. For your convenience, we have provided a list of factors to consider when you want to choose the right product for you.

  1. Is it matching with your hair color?

The best product should match perfectly with the color of your hair. It the product is not matching with your hair, it will be of no use to purchase it.

  1. Is it easier to apply?

You should also consider whether the product you intend to purchase is easier to apply. Determine whether it is equipped with an easy to use applicator or not.

  1. Is the application detectable?

You should purchase the product that will blend in naturally with your existing hair without anybody noticing.

  1. Does the product contain natural keratin fibers?

You need to determine whether the product contains natural keratin fibers. If not, just consider another product.

Our Top 5 Recommendations

We are finally ready to take you through our popular choices for hair concealers you can purchase for your hair in 2017.

  1. Infinity Hair Loss Concealing Fibers


Infinity Hair Loss Concealing Fibers is best suited for concealing thinning areas and bald spots. Created by Nano Fiber Technology, this product comes in a 28-gram bottle which provides around 40-80 applications or basically a supply for six to eight weeks. It’s effective in offering unnoticeable coverage to your thinning area and bald spots. No one will know you have applied this product even if they get a closer view under bright sunlight.

This hair loss concealing fibers works by building amazing hair density into your existing hair. All you have to do is shake the bottle containing these tiny nanofibers and use your fingers and balm to apply it on the thinning area or baldness spots. You only need to apply it once per day to eliminate the appearance of thinning hair and baldness.


  • The product instantly makes bald spots and thinning hair look thick and full.
  • Provides completely unnoticeable results even at a closer view.
  • Eliminates the appearance of thinning hair and baldness for both men and women.
  • Safe and safer application that last through rain, wind, and sweat.
  • Will not stain your clothing or skin.


  • The fiber flow rate is very low.

  1. TOPPIK Hair Building Fibers


TOPPIK Hair Building Fibers is the best product for thinning area. The fibers are made of natural keratin proteins which are statistically charged to easily intertwine with your existing hair for a completely full natural look. They come in 9 different colors (medium brown, dark brown, light brown, black, medium blonde, auburn, light blonde, white and gray) so you don’t need to worry about the fibers not matching with your existing hair.

Unlike other hair concealing products we have reviewed here, TOPPIK Hair Building Fibers are easy to use. After drying and styling your hair, the next step is to shake the product into thinning area. You need to gently pat your hair to disperse the fibers.


  • Fibers give you the look of fuller thicker hair instantly and stay for a long time.
  • Comes in 9 different colors for both men and women.
  • Resists perspiration, wind and rain.
  • It removes easily with shampoo and a quick shower afterward.
  • Easy to use as the fibers are dispersed onto the thinning hair using the shaker bottle.


  • It will take a little time to apply the right amount of fiber on your head and distribute them evenly.
  • Does not work for people with severe hair loss.
  1. Caboki Hair Loss Concealer


Caboki is best suited for covering up bald spots to give a fuller natural looking hair. Comes in form of powders, this product does not work as a shoe polish or spray paint but a breakthrough product which utilizes tiny fibers to cover any hair loss spots or thinning areas.

The fibers are available in 9 different colors including gray, black, blonde, dark gray, auburn, light brown, silver/white, medium brown and dark brown. The dyes used to color each fiber comprise of natural and mineral-based iron oxides. This differs from other products which are made of synthetic dyes.

The main ingredient in Caboki is extracted from a plant called Moroccan Gossypium Herbaceum. This ingredient has properties similar to human hair so there is no need to worry about the product not matching your hair color.


  • Provides a fuller and thicker hair look within a few minutes.
  • Firmly sticks to your hair even in adverse weather conditions or even when you are sweating.
  • Does not contain harmful ingredients that may cause permanent damage to the scalp, therefore, it can be used on sensitive scalps.
  • Works on both men and women.
  • Does not stain your skin or clothing.


  • Can get messy sometimes.
  • Not the best product for you if you are allergic to natural ingredients.
  1. Dr Hair Thickening Keratin Fibers


Dr Hair Thickening Keratin Fibers is best for you if you don’t want to show up in public with bald spots or thin hair. The fibers stick with your hair follicles to provide a natural looking full and thick hair. It will provide results in minutes. All you need is to spray the product on your thin hair areas or bald spots to instantly thicker hair in less than 30 minutes.

One of the appealing features of this product is that it works for both men and women with curly, straight, long or short hair. The fibers will remain perfectly secured to your hair even in rain, snow, wind or after sweating.


  • Turns thin hair areas or bald spots to thicker hair in less than 30 minutes.
  • Perfectly secured to your hair even in rain, snow, wind or after sweating.
  • Fibers in this product are natural, toxin-free and without harmful chemicals.
  • Blend undetectable into your existing hair.


  • It is a bit messy to use.
  • The powder can stain your skin and clothes but can easily be washed off with tap water.
  1. Strand Maximizer Hair Concealing Powder


Another hair loss concealing product you might consider is Strand Maximizer Hair Concealing Powder. Perfect for both men and women, this product is best suited for people who want to regain confidence lost due to thinning hair.

Unlike other products on the market today, Strand Maximizer concealer is easy to use. All you need is to sprinkle the powder on the thinning areas to achieve fuller and thicker hair instantly. The coverage can last all without coming off and simply washed out with water and shampoo.


  • Help cover up bald spots or thinning hair for both women and men.
  • Keratin hair fibers are charged with static electricity to easily bond and intertwine with existing hair.
  • Natural, colored Keratin Fibers does not have any side effects on your scalp.
  • Blend and intertwine undetectable into existing hair.


  • Does not work for people with severe hair loss.
  • It is only available in a single color- dark brown.


These are some of the top 5 best hair loss products on the market today. There are dozens of these products available on the market. We have only featured the best five concealers based on their total number of reviews and overall rating on Amazon.

If you have found this comprehensive guide helpful, just feel free to share it with your friends on social media. If you have any question regarding hair loss products also feel free to ask in the comment box below.


Repair Your Hair with DasGro Hair Formula

repair hair with dasgro

Are you looking for an amazing product that will allow you to easily restore, revive and repair your hair? Then you should definitely consider purchasing the DasGro hair formula.

DasGro hair formula is an amazing product that has amazing vitamins that promote hair growth and also various natural ingredients. This product is highly efficient in dealing with hair growth and has no side effects.

It is worth noting down that the product is formulated by highly experienced professionals to nourish your hair inside out so as to allow the hair follicles to function efficiently.

Why Should You Use DasGro Hair Formula?

Below are some of the main reasons why you should consider using this particular product:

  • Promotes faster, fuller and thicker hair growth. This means that you always get high-quality hair when you use this particular product
  • It also promotes the regrowth of hair and it’s able to effectively repair the hair follicles
  • It also uses an amazing formula that stimulates the growth of hair
  • This product utilizes more than 20 natural ingredients so as to ensure that you always get the best service
  • The product has also been tested and proven to reverse and stop the loss of your hair by being able to use a blend of vitamins and nutrients that are quite unique
  • Most of the customers who have purchased this product claim that it is highly effective and very gentle to the skin

Don’t be left out, ensure that you order this product so as to be able to stop or reverse hair loss. It is worth noting down that the product is currently available at amazon at very customer friendly prices.

DasGro Hair Formula Features

  • Contains natural ingredients like silica, biotin, saw, inositol, palmetto and much more
  • The product can also be used on any hair type. It is quite friendly to vegetarians and has no starch, gluten, preservatives or yeast
  • Combines unique vitamins and nutrients that promote the growth of hair in both women and men
  • If you purchase this particular product at amazon, you also get a money back guarantee for a period of 90 days
  • It is worth noting down that this particular product has been approved by the FDA, its certified by GMP and manufactured in the United States

Every product has some cons which are just as important as the pros. Cons allow the manufacturer to know the specific areas that a particular product requires some improvement.

Here are some cons of this product:

  • It is moderately expensive and therefore not affordable for everyone
  • Once you purchase the product, the bottle has an allergy warning that is quite short
  • There are also clients who claim that the product takes long for it to work.

This Product Will Pay Itself Off

The price of the product varies depending on the store that you buy it. If you purchase it from amazon, you get the best deals and discount because you can purchase it at customer friendly prices. At amazon, you can get it at only $39.97 and shipping is done for free.

If you’re currently experiencing hair loss, thinning, balding or want to protect yourself against hair loss, make sure that you purchase DasGro hair formula.

This product provides you with a natural way to keep your hair healthy and strong.

Hairpieces for Thinning Hair – A Detailed Review

hairpiece for thinning hair

Make a Lasting Impression with a Hairpiece

Your hair plays a very vital role in making you feel confident. If your hair looks good, you will look and feel attractive. This is especially true if you like wearing your hair full.

Your confidence may be at risk if the hair starts thinning, a phenomenon that is inevitable in many men and women.

Eventually, it leads to partial hair loss and finally, balding. No matter how informed you are about balding, you will never get used to it if you previously had thick, bouncy hair.

Many products are being created to help you regrow your hair. Some of them are genuine but others are a waste of money. If you do not want to take chances with your looks or your cash, you could invest in something that will guarantee instant visible results—hairpieces for thinning hair.

Hairpieces are necessary accessories for people who care about their appearance from top to bottom. This is because your hair is the first thing people notice when they look at your face.

There are thousands of hairpiece manufacturers in the market. The secret is to find the one that understands your needs and makes it just the way you want.

A great hairpiece can look just like your natural hair and just as comfortable.

Top 4 Best Hairpieces Comparison Table 2017

HairpieceFeaturesOunceOur Rating

Revita Hair Growth Stimulating Shampoo
Hair And Scalp Stimulation Amino Acid Supply For Men And Women 6 Oz 4 Stars

Nizoral A-D Anti-Dandruff Shampoo, 7 Oz
Slows down hair loss Fights off dandruff Stimulates oil production 7 Oz 4.5 Stars

Wick & Ström- NO Minoxidil
Easy to use Reduces hair shedding Coffee scented 12 oZ 4 Stars

L’emarie Intensive Hair Growth Shampoo, 16 Ounce
Doesn't shed Lasts 6 months Easy To Trim Comfortable 2x 16 Oz 4 Stars

You do not have to wear a wig when your hair starts thinning—a hairpiece is an awesome alternative that can help you add volume, fullness, and height to your natural hair.

Hairpieces can come with multiple pieces that you can place strategically on where your hair is thinning the most—and no one will ever notice the difference.

You can attach a larger hairpiece to a tiny base to cover a large thinning area. Some people whose hair is not thinning may also use it to add the length or thickness of their hair whenever they want to go out on a special occasion.

Many hair coverage pieces come in the form of wigs, which are great if you want wearable hair to cover total or highly noticeable baldness. A hairpiece is a more comfortable alternative for a wig, as you do not need to wear it to cover your head completely.

It covers isolated sections of your head where hair loss is more conspicuous. Bangs and fringes, for instance, provide front coverage and top pieces provide top coverage.

Partial top coverage is provided by top pieces with small bases while complete coverage is provided by top pieces with large bases.

The most important thing for you would be for the hairpiece to blend in with your natural hair.

Most wigs lack this special appeal, as they completely cover your head, leaving natural hair completely concealed out of view.girl with short hairpiece

A hairpiece is simply an addition that you snap into place with pressure-sensitive clips. This makes them quick and easy to use. 

Most hairpieces—both human and synthetic—have a monofilament feature at the base where the hair is parted; this produces the illusion of natural hair growth at the partition.

Here Are a Few Brands of Hairpieces You Might Want To Try:

EasiFringe HD by Easihair

easiFringe HD 1B by Jon Renau | Easihair | Hair Piece

For front hairline coverage, clip-in bangs and fringe hairpieces are an awesome alternative because they provide fuller coverage for an uneven hairline.

The easiFringe HD by easihair is one of the brands you might want to check out in this category.


  • Adds seamless coverage
  • Provides extra fullness at the partitioning
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Offers a slightly thinner base, therefore, very difficult to detect


  • Pricey
  • Some pieces are too short
  • Men’s Brown Toupee Hairpiece

Toupee Hairpiece

Contrary to what many believe, men’s hairpieces are also easy to attach. It may be more difficult for afro-American men, but that type of hair is catered for.

The toupee hairpiece can be used by men with all kinds of hair because of the wearable style the piece comes with.toupee wig for thin hair


  • Hair does not shed like others
  • Can hold up for over 6 months
  • Easy to trim down
  • Very light and comfortable


  • Has thick density, which would look unnatural for older people
  • Denser on one side
  • French lace in front detaches very easily; this will make the piece to appear patchy and uneven

FESHFEN Hair Bun Updo Hairpiece


This hairpiece provides a larger base, which gives extra coverage to your thinning hair; blending with your natural hair becomes less challenging with this piece.


  • Very soft and natural looking
  • Easy to wear
  • Lays nicely


  • Gets a bit frazzled after a few wears
  • Twirl Ups Dark Blonde Hair Piece

Lordhair Human Hair S7


These hairpieces come in a variety of hair types, colors, lengths and base sizes. You might want to choose whether you want a synthetic hairpiece or one that is made out of human hair.


  • Cute
  • Bendable extensions are easy to move
  • Stays in place all day
  • Looks natural
  • Flexible enough to allow creativity


  • Can be difficult to style
  • Does not provide enough hair

Wearing a hairpiece can be the best decision you would ever make personally and professionally if you want to improve your appearance. You can wear a hairpiece every day of the week due to the comfort they provide in comparison to other alternatives such as wigs.

Nowadays, it is difficult to tell whether a person is wearing a hairpiece unless they tell you. Most people will always wonder how you can manage to maintain such hair when if you are older.

Some hairpieces come with a conservative look, which is perfect for business people. These are also extremely easy to attach since a businessperson would not want to waste time fixing hair.

Many hairpieces are easy to fix as well as remove. However, you want a piece that will not come out at the slightest hint of breeze.

It would be horribly embarrassing if it comes off in the middle of the street or an important meeting. Over the years, manufacturers have discovered new ways to make their products difficult to detach since many people complained.

Some of the hairpieces featured here may have some cons, but it is advisable to find one that fits your needs exactly. You can always request for another piece if the one you bought had some shortcomings.

If there is still a problem, try another brand from a different company until you get the most suitable one for you or look into tips for treating thinning hair.

Neem Oil for Hair Loss: Pros And Cons

Recently, there has been a massive proliferation of all sorts of herbal-based remedies and assorted products promising to restore youthful looks by reversing premature baldness and rejuvenating thinning hair.

While others focus majorly on restoring and regrowing balding patches, others take on the approach of eliminating hair dryness and healing the scalp to set precedence for healthy hair.

One of them in Neem Oil for Hair Loss and Healthy Hair. Sourced from the neem tree – as its name suggests – this product promises to be the highly-sought panacea for almost all modern-day hair problems.

This ranges from curing the scalp of dandruff to regrowing bald patches and anything in between. But is really the holy grail for your hair loss and thinning woes? Let’s take a detailed look.

The Backdrop of Neem for Hair Loss – Its Constituents

The name ‘neem’ is derived from a Sanskrit word which can be loosely translated to the ‘sprinkler of nectar.’

Traditionally, neem is considered a vital part of ancient Indian medicine and has been used for several decades now to treat a broad array of scalp and skin conditions, reduce inflammation and swelling, eliminate internal parasites and, in general, acts as a complement for many herbal remedies.

Neem oil, as a whole, is extracted from the seeds and fruits of the neem tree by pressing and crushing them. The oil is naturally high in vitamin E – an important antioxidant.

It also contains significant amounts of Oleic,( also found in grapeseed oils and olive ), Linoleic ( also found in safflower, flaxseed, and sunflower oils )and fatty acids.

This combination of fatty acids, in particular, is scientifically proven to be beneficial to natural dry hair especially in soothing the scalp and aiding the hair roots.

Pros of Neem Oil for Hair Loss

  1. Promotes Hair Growth with a Reasonable Level of Success

Considering that neem oil is naturally high in vital antioxidants ( in fact, higher than those that can be found in spinach or blueberries ), it is not surprising that this product heals and reverses scalp damage with a decent level of efficiency.

The damage might be as a result of different factors – including age or the aftermath of the long-term use of chemical relaxers. As a result, this creates the ideal setting for a regrowth of the balding patches.

Besides, neem for hair loss also has regenerative properties that stimulate the growth of hair follicles, promote cell division and, as a whole, support the regrowth of badly thinning and balding spots.

In other words, depending on the level of existing hair damage, the adoption and application of Neem oil for Hair Loss is likely to result to stronger, thicker and more luxurious growth of your hair.

  1. Relieves Eczema, Dandruff, and other Fungal Ailments

Dermatitis or Eczema is without a doubt one of the leading causes of premature hair loss. And it is often characterized by flaking, red, itchy and crusting skin. Nimbidin, one of the major anti-inflammatory elements found in Neem Oil for Hair Loss, is functionally similar to medical phenylbutazone.

The only difference is that Nimbidin doesn’t have any notable side effects despite helping to reduce eczema irritation and redness significantly.

Again, as pointed out earlier, Neem oil is rich in naturally occurring glycerides and fatty acids that are capable of penetrating the exterior layers on one’s to restore the necessary protective barrier needed for a luxurious hair growth.

Besides relieving eczema, Neem has proven antiseptic, antifungal and anti-inflammatory effects that help combat dandruff and incessant itching.

  1. Promotes a Healthy Scalp

Neem for Hair Loss works by first-of-all healing and rejuvenating a damaged scalp. It is so effective at this that is has been commonly touted as a ‘scalp savior’ for those suffering from the embarrassing symptoms of an unhealthy scalp.

Furthermore, neem oil is also considered as soothing, cooling, and astringent in nature.

And this not only reduces the chances of hair shedding starting from the root but also regulate the secretion of the scalp’s natural oil – sebum.

  1. Condition Dry Hair – Helps with Thinning

Neem Oil for Hair Loss, courtesy of its main ingredient ( neem ) contains a combination of several fatty acids such as stearic, oleic, and linoleic acids.

Not only does this combination heal the scalp but also revitalizes, re-nourishes and conditions rough, dry hair to a silky and smooth texture. For this reason, the oil is commonly used by leading hair specialists in deep-conditioning one’s hair to restore its youthful healthy and shiny allure.

This conditioning of flaking and breaking hair is typically the first step aimed at improving one’s hair thickness naturally and combating a thinning scalp.

  1. Help get rid of Heads Lice

In addition to helping one regain and improve their allure of their crown of glory, Neem of Hair Loss is also one of the best remedies currently on the market for treating nits and head lice.

The oil also contains azadirachtin – an industrial insecticidal ingredient – that is capable of disrupting the reproduction and growth of lice.

As a bonus, application of this concoction also seems to help with a majority of hair problems related to an advancing age such as premature hair graying and silvering.

Possible Cons Of Neem Oil

  1. Has a strong, Almost Repulsive Odor

Neem oil – one of the primary ingredients of this hair loss remedy – has a rather strong and pungent smell. It is so repulsive to the extent that some users have reported it to being ‘overpowering’ and ‘distasteful.’

Therefore, if you are allergic or sensitive to strong scents, you may want to steer clear of Neem oil.

  1. Has to be Warmed before Use

Due to the products high concentration of glycerides and fatty acids in this oil, it exists in a solid state at room temperature. Thus, you have to warm the amount of you want to use in hot water before application


This Neem-oil-based product is best reserved for people predisposed to premature baldness, graying and a damaged scalp but are not sensitive to its characteristic pungent odor.


Neem oil for Hair Loss might have a characteristic pungent odor, but it is certainly reasonably affordable and has a proven track record of helping with hair loss, thinning, flaking, drying and premature graying. You can order it here: 

Discover Brotzu Lotion for Hair Loss

treat hair loss with Brotzu lotion

Brotzu: A Well Respected Hair Loss Lotion

Hair loss, commonly known as alopecia is a genetic autoimmune condition that affects approximately 2% of the world population. It is non-infectious and can occur to anyone regardless of age, sex or skin.

Some people are adversely affected by it that they consider it to be an actual disease. The main effect is the aesthetic changes it causes in people which can lead to psychological problems like loss of confidence, embarrassment, insecurity and even depression.

Many methods have been described for prevention and treatment of hair loss. One lotion invented by an Italian Doctor Giovanni Brotzu caused much buzz when it was said to have reversed hair loss.

Brotzu, a respected vascular surgeon, discovered the treatment while working on diabetes patients. He noticed that after applying the lotion to patients’ limbs, it caused increased circulation that led to hair growth.

He then tested it on the head of a balding male nurse and noticed hair regrowth.

brotzu lotion for hair lossHe then needed to conduct lengthy and expensive trials for which he approached Fidia, a pharmaceutical company. Fidia has been testing the drug and will be in charge of its commercialization.

The lotion’s main ingredients are DGLA, Equol, and L-Propionyl-Carnitine.

Many people believe the lotion will work as Dr. Brotzu is a respected doctor and wouldn’t want to discreet his career over a substandard product he doesn’t believe in.

Brotzu Lotion Pros:

The lotion is said to work on different types of hair loss. This includes hair loss due to poor diet, hereditary factors, some diseases, medical treatments, hormonal changes, and stress.

Therefore, it can not only regrow hair but can lead to the generation of new hair. The product is also said to work on both men and women.

No prescription will be needed to acquire this medication. It will be an over the counter product that can be accessed by anyone and at any time.

Dr. Brotzu and the team have been working hard to ensure the ingredients are safe for everyone regardless of physical or health condition. The lotion is said that it will be marketed as a cosmetic product and not a drug

The lotion is also expected to be affordable. There have been rumors it will not cost more than 100 Euros. This is fair if it works compared to other methods like hair restoration surgery.

The lotion is said to work faster that most hair products. Results of hair growth were observed after 30 days of use. For other medications, you have to wait months before you see the first signs.

Brotzu Lotion Cons:

The product is said to only exist in lotion form. There has been no mention of sprays or jelly. This can be a downturn for people with sensitive skins that can be allergic to lotions.

Even with the hype, there is little-proven evidence of it working on people. Very few images have been released. There have been many years of trials, and its commercial release keeps being postponed.

The latest update from Fidia’s website on 10th January 2017, said that the study was still in progress and they cannot give an accurate time frame when it would be available.

Many think that it only works in theory but fails practically.

Get Your Brotzu Hair Loss Lotion Today!

The lotion is suitable for younger patients who are undergoing the earlier stages of hair loss. Dr. Brotzu specified people below 30 years. This can be as a result of the alopecia not having progressed so much.

Young people still have many active hair follicles despite no hair growth. Young people also tend to respond better to medication.

For these people, Bronzo lotion is said to result in total hair restoration that can lead to a normal appearance. Older people can still use it, but the results will not be as good.

Using Red Wine for Hair Growth

Red Wine Hair Loss

Red Wine Comes to the Rescue Again

Hair loss happens to the best of us, and not just when we get older. Hair loss is something that many people – both men and women – suffer from and is one of the hardest things to find a solution for.

There are things that you can do on a regular basis to help fight hair loss and actually foster hair growth, helping to give you the healthy, beautiful hair you’ve always wanted. In fact, the best way to maintain the health of your hair is to provide regular, consistent, and decent care for your hair so that it’s always healthy and grows great.

Taking proper care of your health isn’t about doing special treatments, but about maintaining consistent care of your hair. This includes treating your hair to the attention it needs, as well as living a balanced lifestyle that offers the foundation for solid hair growth.

How Red Wine Helps Against Hair Loss

In many cases, we can do daily things to make sure that we take proper care of our hair, like use natural shampoos and conditioners that offer the nutrients we need without chemicals that damage our hair over time.

Luckily for many of us out there that suffer from hair loss – including me – there is a great treatment option that will motivate many of you to take proper care of your hair: red wine.

Drinking Red Wine

Let’s start with the best solution, drinking wine. 

Drinking about a half a glass of red wine a day can help with the circulation of your blood, making sure your scalp gets proper circulation. This makes sure that your head is healthy and designed to offer the best growth to your hair.

More than that, the increased circulation strengthens the blood vessels and reduces dandruff, flakiness, and an itchy scalp. Overall, drinking half a glass of wine a day will help boost your health.Red Wine Rinse

I don’t think you’re able to plan for the week ahead by drinking a bottle or two on the weekend though; it should be a steady glass per day to make sure that your hair care is regular and consistent.

By helping your skin – especially with blood circulation – red wine is able to help with your hair loss.

Red Wine Rinse

Now, this may sound unorthodox, so have a glass of wine first… I’ll wait.

Ready? Alright.

Red Wine in HairRinsing your hair in red wine can help give you some benefits as well. This is because red wine contains a range of natural ingredients, such as resveratrol, that help prevent hair loss. Resveratrol stops the inflammation and death of cells so that they are able to grow full and healthy.

In general, red wine also has some healthy nutrients similar to natural oils that your hair will be able to absorb. After washing your hair with shampoo and conditioner, rinse with red wine.

Do this a few times a week to make sure you get results that will last over time. By follow a regimen with this system, you’ll slowly ensure that your hair gets shiny, silky, and beautiful; just as you wanted it.

Better UV Protection

Depending on how frequently you use red wine to treat your hair using a rinse, it will offer some protection against ultraviolet (UV) rays of light from the sun. This will help keep your hair beautiful, even when it’s under the stress and strain of the sun.

Natural IngredientsRed Wine Fights Dandruff

No one likes dandruff and flakes in their hair. Red wine helps fight this issue, giving you a natural alternative to the shampoos that have chemicals in them that damage your hair over time. Instead, drinking a glass of wine gives your head better blood circulation, so that your scalp will get proper flow, fighting dandruff at the source.

How To Treat Hair with Red Wine

Red wine can be a great solution to your hair loss problems, helping to foster better growth and ensure the health of your scalp. It’s very important that you don’t get any in your eyes when using it on your scalp and hair, as it can hurt and sting your eyes.

It’s also a good idea to dilute red wine with some water before applying it, as the solution can be strong. This also makes it safer to apply.

Red Wine Results

Now, if you’re like me and you think that using red wine for anything but drinking is a shame, then at least use this as an excuse to continue drinking your red wine on a regular basis.

However, if you’re serious about your hair loss and want to combat it, consider using it on your head as well, applying it relatively regularly by massaging it into your scalp.

Either way, red wine should help give you health benefits and allow you to stop the negative and serious effects of your hair loss.

Profollica Hair Loss Treatment

use profollica for hair loss

Hair loss is a condition which people live with and mainly affects anyone. Hair loss is actually known to cause anxiety and in some people, it tends to result in a reduction in self-esteem.

However, it is worth noting that this is a condition that can be treated through various methods that are known to greatly stimulate the growth of hair.

The Profollica hair loss treatment is a method of treatment that is natural and mainly developed for men. This form of treatment tries to stop or prevent hair loss by blocking the production of Dihydrotestosterone.

This method of treatment is comprised of three products which are Profollica shower gel, shampoo, and nutritional supplement.

How Does This Method Of Treatment Work?

Profollica mainly provides the body with certain minerals and vitamins that are quite essential for the body. It provides important herbal extracts and nutrients that are able to promote and nourish healthy hair.

profollica vitamins for healthy hairYou can intake the Profollica supplement before or after you have applied the Gel or shampoo after taking a shower. If you use the shampoo before taking a bath, it acts as a cleaner and removes any strands of hair.

If you start noticing some signs of hair loss like a hairline that is receding while you’re in the shower or on the pillow after waking up, you can stop the hair loss by using an efficient and natural method of treatment.

The profollica hair loss treatment mainly helps in fortifying your hair and also nourishing your scalp.

Benefits Of This Method Of Treatment

There are many benefits of using Profollica that you can read about below:

  • Naturally promotes the growth of new hair
  • Plays a big role in regulating the production of sebum and also oiliness of scalp
  • Stimulates both the availability of nutrients to the hair follicles and also blood circulation
  • Increases the texture, elasticity and quality of your hair
  • Greatly improves the sheen, suppleness and the body of your hair
  • Provides the body with important vitamins that prevent the loss of hair
  • Protects you against harmful damage by the sun
  • It is able to awaken some of the hair follicles that are dormant by returning them back to the growth phase
  • It also restores the color of your hair and prevents premature greying.


  • The Profollica hair gel and shampoo are able to combine efficiently to deal with the issue of DHT that is responsible for hair loss
  • It is made from natural ingredients that are active
  • It also removes the hair that is comprised of sebum that is filled with unwanted DHT. It replaces it with moisture that is found in the gel
  • It plays a major role in stimulating hair growth and maintaining the health of dormant hair


  • It doesn’t produce immediate results
  • Doesn’t play any role for women who experience hair loss that is caused by other causes other than DHT
  • The treatment is moderately expensive and not affordable to everyone
  • It can only work on a particular degree of severity of the hair loss condition

This form of treatment is available at Amazon, and all you have to do is click here to get this amazing product at affordable prices! For more tips on hair growth here!

Does Scalp Med Treat Baldness and Thin Hair?

does scalp med work for Hair Loss

Scalp Med is a new product line intended to help people suffering from baldness, thinning hair and hair loss.

One of the two main products in the system called Vitadil contains Minoxidil which is an FDA-approved ingredient. It is a common ingredient in most hair treatment solutions especially for follicle thinning. It is also one of the main ingredients found in Rogaine.

Scalp Med products also contain a proprietary blend formulated to create larger and stronger hair strands and promote better circulation to the scalp. But does Scalpmed work? Read on to find out!

What is Scalp Med’s Unique Formula?

Scalp Med is a hair loss system made up of three products: Vitadil 5A for men and Vitadil 2A for women, topical NutriSol-RM and the Cortex Enlarger hair thickening spray.

Vitadil’s active ingredient is Minoxidil and this comes in a unique formulation designed to increase the absorption of the ingredient into the scalp. Nutri-Sol RM is designed to add more nutrients to the scalp.

The Cortex Enlarger spray enhances the hair follicles to make hair strands strong and thick. The system also comes with a detox cleansing kit formulated to remove chemicals and pollutants from the hair without stripping the hair and scalp of natural oils.

Pros of Treatment

Scalp Med comes with an impressive set of advantages. Unlike other hair loss treatments in the market, the active ingredient of this system has official FDA approval. It is also easy to apply and is not a leave-on product.

Aside from treating hair loss, the product also promotes stronger and thicker hair strands for more volume, something that anyone with thinning hair will appreciate.

improve hair growth and thicknessThe product is also effective; it may not reverse hair loss and thinning overnight but with consistent use, users have seen a gradual reappearance of new, terminal growth, reduced hair fall, and thicker, fuller hair strands.

Cons of Treatment

One of the most common complaints about the product is the texture and the feel. Upon application, the product feels sticky and tends to weigh the hair down with its syrupy consistency.

The application is also time-consuming; you need to leave the product on for 45 minutes before washing it off, making this a less-than-ideal option for those who have busy schedules during the week.

Finally, due to its chemical formulation, common side effects such as rashes, scalp redness and irritation, and allergic reactions may happen, although they are rare.

The product is suited for users with family histories of hair loss, baldness and thinning of the hair. It may not be suited for anyone suffering from inflammation, redness or any other type of scalp irritation.

Pregnant women and persons who have suffered allergic reactions to any ingredient in the product should also refrain from using the product, or until allergy studies have been done.

Anyone currently using any medication for any underlying condition should consult a doctor prior to taking the product.

Like other hair treatment systems that have been proven to work, Scalp Med requires consistent and regular use in order to produce any visible changes.

The topical formulation and the inclusion of other products create an effective system for gradual but sure reversal of hair loss and the restoration of hair to it’s natural, healthy state.

Toji Pure Density Hair Vitamin Supplement Review

tojji pure density hair vitamin

How does the Toji Pure Density Supplement Facilitate Hair Growth?

The Toji Pure Density hair vitamin supplement is designed to facilitate hair to grow thicker, faster and stronger. This proprietary formula includes a special mix of vitamins, minerals, and herbs to support hair nutrition, hormonal balance, and circulation.

Most customers who use this supplement will notice the results around 2-3 months of recommended usage, with full results noticeable after 6 months.

This is not an overnight solution, but maintaining the regimen will lead to healthier hair in the long term. It is manufactured in the U.S.A. at a FDA-inspected, CGMP-certified facility.

Features of Toji Pure Density Hair Vitamin Supplement

Comprehensive Formula

This unique vegetarian formula incorporates 34 ingredients to give a comprehensive approach to healthy hair.

Nutritional Support

The hair supplement includes Biotin, MSM, and Horsetail Extract which increases nutrition to support the healthy growth of hair.

Hormonal Support

Includes DHT Blockers, Saw Palmetto Extract and other ingredients which block hormones that lead to hair loss while promoting hormones that facilitate healthy hair growth.

Circulation Support

The hair supplement includes Ginkgo Biloba, Vitamin E, Grape Seed Extract, and other ingredients that allow for proper blood circulation and transportation of nutrients to the scalp.

grow hair fast

Recommended Dosage

The recommended dosage with Toji Pure Density supplement is to take two tablets in the morning and two at night before sleep. Toji Pure Density also states that for the best possible results you should use the product for at least six months, I know some might think this is a long shot but patience pays they say.

However, most other customers reported that it took only a few weeks to see results. To maintain the results, it goes without saying customers are encouraged to continue taking the multivitamins.

Side Effects of the Hair Supplement

The side effects of this product are quite rare which is why it is considered safe for long term use. However, it does contain soy, and since every person reacts differently to this ingredient, it is recommended that you take a look at all the ingredients carefully and consult your physician before using it.

In the case of an allergic reaction to any of the ingredients in the product, you should contact a doctor immediately.

Who is it Best Suited For?

The Toji Pure Density supplement is an ideal product to support hair growth for both women and men who are vegetarian.


  • Completely vegetarian.
  • All natural ingredients.
  • Slows down hair loss and shedding.
  • Amazing packaging and customer service.


  • It takes over three months to actually deliver any real results.

How Much Does it Cost?

There are two options available to the customers. One is to buy a 30 day supply which is one bottle priced at $14.95 while the other option is to buy a 90 day supply that comes to $106.95.

You can buy it from Amazon at $18.95.  

Although it will take a bit of time to see results, it’s worth the money. I have been using this supplement for a while now and I must admit that I have not had my hair this healthy.

Toji Pure Density supplement is a great hair product, especially for its straightforward directions, and the all-natural and vegetarian ingredients. Overall, I can see myself using this product a lot more in the future.

Does Ovation Hair Therapy Really Work?

try ovation hair therapy

Here’s Why You Should Consider Ovation Hair Therapy

Hair loss is a natural part of life that can be attributed to a wide range of factors like nutrient deficiency, illnesses, and stress among many others. Pinpointing the exact cause can be like looking for a needle in a haystack and that’s where hair treatment products come in.

However, finding one that actually works for your hair can be quite a task as well because results vary from one person to another. Something that works for you, may not necessarily work for someone else.

Ovation hair therapy has garnered a lot of attention in recent months with public opinion split on whether it works or not. Is it worth the trouble? Here are a few pointers to help you make up your mind.

How It Works

Ovation hair therapy package consists of three elements: the conditioner, shampoo and of course the cell therapy treatment itself. Cell therapy is the core of the whole treatment and the process basically adds nutrients to the hair using special formula.

The shampoo contains numerous essential components necessary for healthy hair growth like biotin, vitamin E, and apigenin just to mention a few.

The latter for example ensures fluid flow and circulation of blood within the veins. This, in turn, prevents toxin build up while all the while providing important nutrients to the cells responsible for hair growth.

All the components work hand in hand to moisturize the hair, thicken and strengthen it and prevent the buildup of static electricity that dries and damages the hair.

How To Use It

Most hair products work by the repeated lathering and rinsing approach; however, this is not the case with ovation hair therapy. To get the best out of it; use the shampoo first followed by the treatment itself before finishing off with the crème.

There are basically three approaches to this therapy and they include: overnight, shower and leave-in treatment with the overnight night strategy the most effective of the lot. Ovation therapy treatment should be used no more than three times a week.

woman sleepingPros of Ovation Hair Therapy

  • Has proven hair breakage reduction capabilities of over eighty percent
  • The treatment incorporates natural products and has few side effects
  • Year-long full money back guarantee
  • Suitable for a wide variety of hair types
  • There is no need to cover your hair before going to bed as the treatment leaves no stains on beddings
  • Works wonders on thin hair
  • Pleasant pineapple-like scent
  • Softens the hair

Cons Of Ovation Hair Therapy

  • Some people are allergic to certain ingredients in the shampoo, in which case it can result in serious irritation of the scalp
  • It makes wet hair incredibly difficult to brush and style
  • The whole treatment package costs upwards of $ 100 which is quite extravagant considering other hair products that get the job done just as well
  • It has traces of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate that has been tied to a number of illnesses

While Ovation hair treatment has its fair share of flaws, it is a product worth considering. It has received a lot of good reviews on Amazon and across the internet in general so it must be doing something right. 

Furthermore, the fact that it has a 365 money back guarantee is a testament to the manufacture’s confidence in the treatment and makes for a good buy as result.

You can purchase your Treatment on Amazon today when you click here.