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Struggling with hair loss is a depressing and embarrassing subject for many people. There are many products on the market available for purchase, but it is hard to know what the right one for you is.

The best hair loss shampoos are very effective and can help with even the most dire situations. Alter Ego creates beautiful products that all contain garlic, to naturally help regrow lost or missing hair.

Give Alter Ego hair loss shampoo a try if you are looking to combat your balding.

Which Alter Ego Hair Product is Right for You?

Alter Ego creates a wide range of hairstyling products that are very effective for helping with thin or fine hair. Picking the right product is important and it all depends on the texture and thickness of your hair.

Energizing Hair Oil

A lightweight hair loss oil is a great way to revitalize the scalp and stimulate new hair growth. The best oils do not make your head feel greasy, or clog the pores on your scalp.

Instead, they simply moisturize the hair and scalp. The Alter Ego Italy Herb-Ego Fresca Energizing Treatment for Fine and Weak Hair is an amazing option for those suffering from thin, brittle hair.

This product conditions the hair and nourishes the scalp with a blend of salt, vitamins, and a mix of essential oils.

This treatment is recommended for limp and damaged hair, as it contains the richness of rosemary and the tingling sensation of menthol.

Hot Oil Hair Mask

A hot oil hair mask is an amazing way to fully nourish your hair and scalp from the outside. A warming mask opens the cuticle of the hair shaft and allows the treatment to fully penetrate the hair.

The Alter Ego Hot Oil Treatment with Garlic is a unique warming hair treatment that is formulated with peptides, vitamins, and salts that are derived from nature.

This mask also contains wheat and garlic which is why it is perfect for people with bleach-damaged hair.

After shampooing, it is recommended to apply the mask for ten minutes, and to then rinse the product out with water.

Conditioning Mask

If you are looking for a hair mask to use on your thin and brittle hair, there are many on the market for you. A treatment mask is perfect to be used once a week in order to improve the condition of your hair.

The Alter Ego Maschera Ristrutturante Al Cocco Coconut Conditioning Mask is a wonderful weekly hair mask. Coconut oil is an extremely popular ingredient for many different uses, including hair conditioning.

This mask contains coconut, a natural ingredient with intense moisturizing properties. The coconut mask nourishes, moisturizes, and conditions the hair.

It has a non-greasy formula that will not weigh your hair down, while providing the necessary care for brittle and fragile hair.

Hair Lotion

A hair lotion is applied to both the shaft of your hair and your scalp to provide moisture. Lotions for hair are traditionally non-greasy products that aid in regrowing and conditioning hair.

Alter Ego’s Nequal Intensive Energizing Lotion is a lightweight hair treatment that can help to rebuild damaged hair.

With a specially developed formula to help re-balance an unhealthy scalp that can lead to hair loss, it is perfect for anyone. This lotion uses Soya and wheat proteins nourish the hair that has been lost.

A lightweight hair lotion such as this is perfect for regenerating balding areas and is perfect for weak and fine hair. All you need to do is apply the lotion on clean hair after shampooing without washing it out.

Another great hair lotion from Alter Ego is the Revitalizing Lotion. This lotion is specifically designed to restructure the hair and energize the scalp.

Seaweed extract and soy seeds put minerals and vitamins back into chemically damaged hair. This lotion is ideal for restoring hair that is damaged from harsh perms, chemical lightening, balding, thinning hair, and general hair loss.

Alter Ego has designed this particular product for professional use in high end salons.

Leave-In Conditione

A leave-in conditioner is a great way to give moisture to your hair on a daily basis. If you have dry, frizzy, or unruly hair, a leave-in conditioner is the best way repair your strands.

Anyone with extremely damaged hair from perming, straightening, or bleaching will need a powerful leave in conditioner.

The Alter Ego Nourishing Spa Quench & Care Intensive Nutritive Leave-in Conditioner provides instant, weightless, conditioning for damaged hair. This product leaves hair silky, soft and full of shine!

Conditioning Shine Spray

If you want instantly sleeky and shiny hair, look no further than a conditioning shine spray for hair. A spray will make your hair look glossy and healthy even if it is damaged.

Alter Ego makes a product called Hasty Rise N Shine Shining Spray. This product restores shine and brilliance to even the most damaged of hair. It does not leave a film or buildup in your hair, so you can spray as much as you want!

Daily Styling Cream

Most women enjoy using a daily styling cream to help keep their hair looking healthy and feeling great. The most effective creams are lightweight but still work well with treating hair loss.

Conditioned hair is the best way to combat hair loss for women. The Alter Ego Energizing and Re-balancing Cream is a great option for anyone looking to have a daily styling aid to prevent flyaways and breakage.

What Is The Best Alter Ego Shampoo For Hair Regrowth?

If you suffer from hair loss due to excess DHT, you will need to regenerate your locks with a stimulating shampoo. Hair loss can be very embarrassing so you need to find an amazing product to help you with that.

Combination Shampoo and Conditioners

If you are looking for a cost effective way to solve your hair loss problems, the Alter Ego Set of Semi De Lino Shampoo + Conditioner comes packaged with both shampoo and conditioner for one low price.

This shampoo and conditioner set has de-tangling properties that repairs damaged hair. The specially formulated shampoo also adds body and life back to hair, while providing an intense shine.

It leaves hair feeling healthy after chemical services such as coloring and lightening.

Natural Shampoo

For people who are concerned about using harsh and unsafe chemicals on their hair, the Alter Ego Garlic Shampoo is the best way to treat your hair loss naturally.

This product not only smells amazing, but will help to limit the hair loss you may face on a daily basis. Women with chemically damaged hair will love the moisturizing properties this shampoo has.

It uses gentle cleansers to lightly clean your hair, and will not strip the natural oils important for healthy hair. Alter Ego’s Garlic Shampoo contains peptides, minerals, and vitamins to naturally treat hair.

For best results, users are to apply to wet hair, massage, work into a rich lather and rinse. It is not necessary to repeat, as this is very a very effective shampoo.

The Alter Ego Semi de Lino Shampoo with Garlic Extracts is another great natural shampoo on the market today. The main ingredient in this product is linseed, which is proven to moisturize hair. It is a gentle formula that makes it ideal for daily use.

Hair Loss Prevention Shampoo

Women who want to prevent any future hair loss need a preventative shampoo. It is much each easier to treat hair loss before it has begun, instead of the first sign of bald patches in the hair.

Alter Ego created a product called The Energizing / Prevention Shampoo for Hair Loss & Growth. This product is rich in the mineral capsicum that is proven to stimulate hair activity.

Using this preventative shampoo means using a gentle cleansing action, that will not further harm weak hair.

Help your Hair Loss With Alter Ego Hair Products!

Alter Ego has worked hard to develop a haircare line for people suffering from moderate to severe hair loss. Their products are specially developed with natural ingredients so you do not have to worry about harsh chemicals or parabens.

Products in the Alter Ego brand contain garlic to naturally help regrow lost or missing hair. Buy Alter Ego hair loss shampoo if you are looking to repair your thinning or balding hair!

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