Alter Ego Energizing and Rebalancing Cream

If you struggle with dangles and knots in your hair, you may want to consider if your regular daily conditioner is doing its job. If your hair often seems unhydrated, damaged, and is generally unmanageable consider purchasing a stronger daily conditioner.  The Alter Ego Energizing and Rebalancing Cream is stronger than a traditional condition but will not weigh down your hair like a treatment may.

What is this product?

This is an energizing conditioner meant to strengthen weak and brittle hair . It is to be used after shampooing, and is safe for use daily. It gives moisturized feel and stronger structure to the hair leaving your hair shiny and healthy with every use.

For women with coarse, damaged hair it is recommended to use this mask every day, and to leave it for at least 15 minutes before washing it out. Many users claim that this this the most intense deep conditioner, and is capable of dramatically improving the condition of the hair.

What Is In This Product?

The main active ingredient in this product is garlic. Now, while this is not a traditional ingredient that you think of in haircare, it is extremely beneficial. Hair loss is something that both men and women alike suffer with, and it can be very embarrassing.

The use of garlic has dated back to the egyptian times, where people used to rub garlic cloves on bald areas.Garlic does not only prevent moderate hair loss, but it also stimulates new hair growth. Diluated garlic oil does not have a bad smell as you would assume, the other perfumes that are added to the product tend to over take the scent.

What Do Users Say About This Treatment?


Many claims have been made about the moisturizing properties of this treatment, women love the way their hair feels with continued use of this mask.  

Enables Quicker Hair Growth:

One woman claims that her hair has grown longer, faster than she has ever experienced before! This treatment has enabled this women to grow her hair past her shoulders in only a few months.

Perfect For Woman Of Colour:

Coarse, Afro Hair be banished! Now women of color can enjoy silky, frizz-free hair with this treatment.

Although, some ladies claim this is not enough hydration for their extremely damaged and dry hair. If you feel that it is not enough for you, you may want to also add a leave in conditioner to your haircare regime.

Alter Ego Cream

Alter Ego Cream










          • Smooth and Healthy Hair
          • Garlic Based
          • Hydrates The Hair


          • None