Alter Ego Italy Garlic Mask Hot Oil Treatment With Garlic

When you think of garlic, you don’t typically think of an extremely moisturizing hair product. However, that is surprisingly not the case ! With the Hot Oil Mask from Alter Ego, garlic is the main active ingredient in this product. It’s a great way to provide instant moisture and health to your hair

What does this product do ?

Provides Rich Moisture to Any Hair Type:

No longer suffer from dry, damaged hair! Users of this product claim their hair feels more nourished and healthy than ever before!  People who use this incredible product from Alter Ego are making claims that their hair is shiny and glossy when it was previously dull and damaged.

Increases Manageability in Hair:

With increased usage of this hot oil mask users are making claims of their hair being more tangle free, and is more easy to comb and brush out! When hair is easier detangle, less hair breakage occurs when combing out. Less hair breakage equals overall healthier hair!

Heals Damaged Hair:

Users with extremely damaged hair from chemical straightening, bleaching, perming and the use of excessive heat, are loving the benefits from this mask! This mask from Alter Ego penetrates the the cuticle of the hair, providing moisture and repairing hair from the inside out.  

What Is This Product Made Of ?


Copper peptides occur naturally in the human body and are proteins, made of chains of amino acids. Copper peptides stimulate skin repair and increase the amount of fat cells in the scalp, that then strengthens and increases the size of hair follicles. This is especially important in people in people who are suffering from hair loss, or partial balding.


Wheat can add an emollient to any hair care product. This helps prevent dry hair, hair splitting, frizziness and static. Wheat and wheat oil is an amazing way to repair any damage in hair that is damaged.


Hair is created out of strictly vitamins and minerals. Damaged hair lacks these crucial building blocks. You need a product that is full of vitamins to make your hair feel healthier and look better!

How Is This Product Used?

This product is best used on wet hair and left for fifteen minutes, to fully moisturize the hair. Apply the treatment all over the scalp, and rinse it out as necessary. It is not needed to use a conditioner on the days you use the treatment.

One of the only downsides of this treatment is that it takes a long time to make the hair feel soft. You have to let the hair mask sit on your scalp for at least fifteen minutes for it to be effective, any less time and the mask will not be effective at all.