The Alter Ego Italy Herb-Ego Fresca Energizing Treatment for Fine and Weak Hair

If you are suffer from thin, weak, brittle hair this product is great for giving your hair extra life and body! This treatment is from Alter Ego, and it is extremely lightweight yet very effective. It nourishes the scalp and hair with natural mineral salts, rich vitamins and beautiful essential oils.

What are the main ingredients ?


You will love the invigorating menthol feel this product will give your scalp. Menthol is great for stimulating the scalp, and cleaning off any damaging buildup that may be clogging the pores on your head. Menthol is a great way for regenerating your scalp and hair helping to solve hair loss.


Rosemary creates an amazing scent to any product. When added to a hair product, rosemary can help to stimulate new hair growth. It is beneficial for both the health of the hair and the health of the scalp. Many people claim that rosemary is beneficial in preventing balding, deterring grey hair, and preventing dandruff and dry scalp

What are the benefits of this product?

Increased Hair Growth:

Many users that are suffering from thin, lifeless, hair love that product seems to make their hair grow thicker, and faster than ever before. People who are suffering from dramatic hair loss, are no longer suffering with this hair treatment.


Users love the smell of this hair treatment, claiming that it has very refreshing during useage. The mint and rosemary scent is unisex and can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Mint especially gives an extremely refreshing, tingly feel for users.

Less Hair Shedding:

In addition to increasing hair growth, users have also claimed that it decreases the amount of daily shedding of hair may occur.

Cost Effective:

This product is less expensive than other products that perform the same way. All of Alter Ego’s products are made with extremely high quality ingredients, and are recommended by professionals.

How to Use This Product!

This product is most effective rubbed on the scalp after showering. We suggest using it every time you wash your hair for the most effective results.Many users feel like they do not have to wash their hair as frequently since making the switch to The Alter Ego Italy Herb-Ego Fresca Energizing Treatment.