Alter Ego Maschera Ristrutturante Al Cocco Coconut Conditioning Mask

It seems like any magazine you open today there is another celebrity endorsing anything containing coconut ! This magic superfruit is beneficial to eat, drink, use as a skin and body care and even for your hair! The Alter Ego Maschera Ristrutturante Al Cocco Coconut Conditioning Mask is an amazing mask for any hair type.

What’s the Benefit of The Coconut Oil In This Mask?

It Makes The Product Work Quicker and More Effectively:

The Coconut oil in this mask penetrates hair more deeply and faster than other competitor’s conditioners.  This is because it is comprised mainly of smaller medium-chain fatty acids.

It’s An Amazing Daily Detangler:

Women with long, curly hair no longer suffer with running a comb through their locks. Because this mask is all natural, there is no residue left on your hair as long as you rinse thoroughly.

Coconut Oil Combats Dandruff:

The excessive chemicals in other hair products can lead to scalp irritation such as flaky scalp and and dandruff. The hydrating oils in this mask can sooth an itchy scalp.

Coconut Oil For Faster Hair Growth:

The extra hydration in this coconut oil mask nourishes your hair to grow faster and thicker. It can also limit breakage which makes your hair feel like it is growing even stronger.

How Will My Hair Feel From Using This Mask?


Coconut oil heals your hair from the inside out, helping to repair your hair from any long term chemical damage.  Users claim to feel a large difference when switching to a natural product such as the Alter Ego Maschera Ristrutturante Al Cocco Coconut Conditioning Mask. Natural products are so much healthier for the hair than traditional styling aids, you too will feel a difference when you make the switch !


Users claim that dry, damaged hair feels soft and moisturized once you make the switch to this mask. Hair that lacks moisture looks dull and limp, and can lack shine. Dry hair can also lead to extra breakage and slow growth. Once you add moisture to your hair with this mask from Alter Ego you can enjoy the ease of styling once again! Banish flyaways and static today!

What Are The Drawbacks To This Mask?

While this is a high performance, amazing, product for anyone suffering from dry and damaged hair some users did find that there is too much hydration for them in this mask. This mask is better suited to people who are suffering extreme dryness and chemical damage, versus moderate damage. It is important to thoroughly rinse this product from your hair to ensure that this no residue left over.