Alter Ego Revitalizing Lotion (Lozione Rivitalizzante)

Women of color often suffer from hair loss due to the fragility of their hair. While afro hair looks strong and thick, it is actually extremely fragile and needs intensive care. Such is true with women who wear aggressive ponytails, or wear their hair in tight braids or locks. This sort of hair loss is often embarrassing, as it takes place in areas that are visible such as the temples and forehead. The Alter Ego Revitalizing Lotion (Lozione Rivitalizzante) is a great way to help women suffering from hair loss.

What Are The Benefits Of This Product

Stronger Hair:

The unique blends of specialized ingredients create a stronger hair for women of color. No longer suffer from hair breaking off, you will have a stronger, thicker hair shaft with continued usage of this product.

Revitalized Scalp :

Scalp health is directly correlated to the health of the hair. People who suffer with a scalp that is covered in clogged pores or has a strong fungus, will also suffer from unhealthy hair or even hair loss. A treatment such as this one will help make the scalp a healthier environment for the user. With a healthy scalp, you can literally stop hair loss in it’s tracks , and simultaneously improve the condition of the hair.

Thicker Hair:

Users have made claims that their hair feels thicker and more luxurious since beginning use of this lotion. The blend of active ingredients plumps each individual hair shaft for the most healthy and naturally thick hair possible.

What Are The Ingredients Of This Product:

The active ingredients in this product give amazing results for any user.

Aqua (Water) :

Creates a natural ingredient for best results

Denatured Alcohol :

Adding alcohol to a treatment decreases the drying time of the hair

Hydrolyzed Soy Protein:

Soy protein adds necessary strength to your hair, and is a natural way to repair the Hair

Hydrolyzed Corallina Officinalis:

A seaweed that can be used in any haircare product to strengthen the hair from the inside out.

Castor Oil:

Provides a glossy sheen on any type of hair, this ingredient is especially useful on woman with ethnic hair, or women with very dry, coarse and unmanageable hair.

How Can I Use This Product?

Wash and condition your hair as you normally would, when your hair is damp liberally apply this product to the hair and scalp. For best results gently massage the scalp to increase hair growth and add scalp stimulation. It is not really possible to over apply this product, however it is not recommended to apply it in excess. Once you have applied this treatment, you can then style your hair as you normally would.

Regular users of this treatment also claim that they felt their hair was in better condition than usual if they left their hair to air dry. This is due to the intense moisturizing properties of this product.