Benefits of Argan Oil

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I remember when there was a call to use olive oil on your skin and in cooked food to improve the health of your skin and overall well being. Today there is little to be heard about olive oil especially with the newest product on the market, Argan oil. From what I’ve gathered, this oil has trumped olive oil in the market. While one may disagree because it has basically the same benefit of olive oil, argan oil goes a step further in removing acne, stretch marks and even to combat dandruff. I have actually been using the product on my own skin and here are my thoughts.

Benefits of Argan Oil

Can Be Used In Your Shampoo or Buy Argan Oil Shampoo

Argan has its own shampoo which has more than one benefit. Besides keeping dandruff to a minimum on your scalp, it can treat split ends and moisturize your hair at the same time. For a greater effect, try using the conditioner along with the shampoo. This has kept my hair nice and soft and has removed many of the split ends. I also scratch less. If you prefer, you can buy your regular shampoo and conditioner and simply pour out a small amount of argon oil (sold separately) into both bottles. You can also opt for using the oil in your wet hair after alternating if you don’t already have a dandruff issue.

Argan Oil For Acne cure

No one likes to deal with acne that is especially out of control. According to medical personnel, most people who struggle with dandruff, also have a lot of acne. I definitely struggle with it. So it stands to reason that the first step to getting rid of acne would be to invest in a good dandruff shampoo. Since using the argon oil product, I have seen a noticeable reduction in acne on my face and back.

Improving Health

Lots of people struggle with health problems like trying to keep their cholesterol at a normal level. Thankfully, the same argan oil used for cooking can also help reduce cholesterol and even prevent heartburn. Best of all, it is classified as part of the healthy fats family, meaning it aids in removing the bad fats and cholesterol from your body by replacing it with good monosaccharides. Now you can enjoy a good fried dish without indigestion and the guilt of eating fried food. I have kept my cholesterol at normal levels since using the oil.


We live in an era where people are obsessed with beauty and looking younger longer. This is why the media is constantly bombarding us with new concepts and products for younger and more beautiful skin. Scientists always seem to be hard at work looking for the next plant, flower, fruit or whatever they can extract something from. Another plant, called the Moroccan plant, which the argan oil was compressed from, has blessed us with its properties for preserving youth. This has produced many cosmetic products like face and hair masks, moisturizers and even anti-aging products. This oil, in its pure state, is known to improve the appearance of your hair by giving it a glossy shine. I did not even get close to the same results with olive oil.

Beneficial for Seniors

Argan oil can be used as an anti-inflammatory. Those who suffer with arthritis pain, joint pains and even pains in the reproductive area can benefit from this oil. I have recommended to my grandparents and they have since recommended it to their own friends. It is mainly used externally, but if taken internally on a regular basis, it can eventually cause more relief, I have discovered.


  • Argan oil has countless benefits to the overall health and wellbeing of individuals of all ages.
  • It is found in many cosmetic products and is safe for those with sensitive skin.
  • It can remedy the damages done to your skin by nature’s harsh elements.
  • It was derived from a plant and can be bought in its purest form.


  • Products used with argan oil often don’t have a strong enough concentration of the oil.
  • Some people can’t use oil products of any kind


So far, argan oil poses no threat in terms of allergies and it is continuing to make waves on the Internet. Some may not be able to use this oil or any products made with oil in their hair. There are folks who cannot allow their skin to come in contact with any kind of oil. For the rest of us, now there is an alternative to using olive or olive oil based products in your hair. It’s called argan oil shampoo. Buy the low-priced oil at your regular pharmacy or cosmetic store, or order online. Don’t wait until stock is limited. Get yours now!

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