Moroccan Argan Oil for Hair

Moroccan Argan Oil for Hair

Anjou were kind enough to send me “Moroccan Argan Oil for Hair” product, I have been using it for 3 – 4 weeks now. Here is my review:

It’s naturally curly and since it’s colored and I use hot appliances on it daily it’s now frizzy and dry. When I received it I noticed that the bottle was quite big, but I only used a few drops and followed the instructions.

I loved how easy it was to apply and the short time span it needed to be left in for. I don’t like when a product needs to be left in for longer than 10 minutes as I feel like I am wasting time. All I did was apply the oil and let it sit for 5 minutes before rinsing it out. I found that this was enough time to let the product soak in and I definitely noticed a difference in the feel of my hair.

The first time I used this product I made the mistake of applying my other products to my hair. This made my hair look very greasy and feel heavy, so I washed it again and this time without using the added products. I didn’t use a blow dryer to dry my hair, I let it air dry to see if it would help. In about an hour when my hair was dry I noticed that it wasn’t it’s usual frizzy mess and how soft it felt.

I could also run my fingers through it without issue which is a miracle for those with frizzy and naturally curly hair. My hair was still curly, but that’s usually how it falls.

As an oil, it’s easy to use and effective. I also noticed a change in my hair’s texture and that it was no longer frizzy and dry, but it was now smooth and silky. In the past, I’ve tried using coconut oils, and other oil treatments and the results have been close to these, however, I prefer using these. It was a bit messy to apply but other than that it was very worth it.

The ingredients were another thing which peaked my interest, and how it’s made with 100% pure and natural organic ingredients. Chemicals were the biggest reason my hair was fried, to begin with, so I didn’t want to put more into my hair.

I’ve noticed that other people online have been using this product for other things such as their nails and even on their skin for acne. I haven’t tried it on anything but my hair so far but after reading other reviews and comments I may try it the next time I have a breakout, or if my nail beds are in some need of TLC.

I would definitely recommend this as a haircare product, especially for others who are more than familiar with the struggles of curly and frizzy hair. I intend to continue using the product and will be incorporating it into my weekly hair care routine once a week. I’m very happy with Moroccan Argan Oil by Anjou.