Does Rogaine Really Work?


We Ask the Question: Does Rogaine Work?

We know when you are suffering from hair loss, the last thing you want is to waste your money on treatments that simply don’t give results. A lot of people who are going bald are asking themselves the same question: does Rogaine work? 

While this medication will only be effective for a certain percentage of people who are suffering from hair loss, it usually has astounding success. Rogaine is a proven treatment to fight against hair loss, by stimulating regrowth on the scalp.

The results following use of Rogaine are so variable because there are so many factors that contribute to hair loss. While this isn’t the end-all product for all of your hair loss woes, it is a great, and highly successful product.

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How Does Rogaine Work?

The actual way Rogaine works is not completely understood, however, it is known that the active ingredient called Minoxidil works to regenerate shrunken hair follicles. Which, when their size is increased, it can help the hair to grow thicker over time.

Minoxidil also works to plump hair follicles that are shrunken due to hereditary hair loss, as well as to lengthen the hair’s growth phase. This allows the hair to grow thicker and longer than it ever has before.

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Rogaine and Results

Over the first few months, you begin application of any hair loss product such as the original Rogaine, or the Rogaine foam, you will not see the product working at all, even though it is. Early hair growth is typically soft and colorless like the fuzz on a peach.

Most men begin to see results within four months of applying Rogaine twice a day. It’s vital that you keep applying, even if you feel like you are not seeing any new hair growth.

This medication works only on people with the condition known as alopecia, or in males suffering from male pattern baldness. This sort of hair loss affects about 40 million American men today. Rogaine does not work for hair loss due to lupus, syphilis or chemotherapy.

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The Long History Of Rogaine

In 1988, the first ever hair loss treatment by Rogaine was launched. The Rogaine 2% Minoxidil treatment for men was a prescription option for men losing their hair. In 1992, the 2% Topical Solution for women was finally released so women could obtain the same great results as men for their hair loss problems. This too was initially released as strictly a prescription option.

Fast forward to 1996, where the Rogaine Topical Solution for both men and women was approved for use over the counter. This provided more freedom for people who are suffering from hair loss and did not want to have to see their doctor for Rogaine.

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Recent Changes with Rogaine

More recently, in 2006, the Rogaine 5% Minoxidil Foam became available for over the counter use, it was then re-formulated in 2011 to be unscented. Now, without the odour, the only way people will ever know you use Rogaine, is your thick beautiful hair!

Finally, in 2011 Women’s Rogaine Foam Formulation hit the markets for the most convenient option of hair loss treatment for women. This is a trusted product and has helped millions of men and women with their hair loss problems across the United States.

There is no difference between prescription Rogaine, and Rogaine that is available over the counter, simply the bottle and label differ.

Information about Hair Loss

information on hairlossDr. Robert Leonard is a hair loss expert in the United States, he claims the scariest fact about men’s hair loss is that most men do not notice their hair is thinning until about 50% of it is already down the shower drain. The earlier you start the treatment, the more effective it is. Young men typically have better results than older gentleman starting the treatment.

Rogaine is the most effective way to combat hair loss. Your other options to combat hair loss include prescription topical treatments, oral medication and surgical options such as hair transplants.

The clinical studies on Rogaine and it’s effectiveness show that it is more likely to have results at the crown and at the top of the head. Rogaine is less likely to work on the front areas of the scalp.

Warnings For The Use of Minoxidil

Some people also suffer from watery eyes due to the alcohol content in Minoxidil. You also shouldn’t use Rogaine if your scalp is open or damaged, as too much of the prescription can be absorbed through the broken skin.

How Expensive is Rogaine

Rogaine offers a relatively low price point for people who are looking for a hair loss treatment. As the treatment must be purchased multiple times before you begin to see results, and subsequently after, the cost is a big factor for its users.

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Each bottle of this treatment costs around 30 dollars, which works out to approximately 360 dollars a year if you are applying this treatment as frequently as recommended. Alternatively, high-quality wigs cost between $1000 and $5000, and need to be replaced every year or two, so Rogaine is actually the less expensive option.

These wigs also require delicate care, expensive haircuts, and maintenance, as well as styling products to make them work properly.

Many people also look to hair transplants to help them with their hair loss woes. These sort of treatments can cost anywhere from $3000 up to $20, 000. While Rogaine is a lifelong commitment, it is much less expensive than other hair loss treatments and options that are available for people today.

Choose Rogaine For Your Hair Loss Today, It Works!

Rogaine is a great option for people looking to regain their confidence. While it will not solve all of your hair loss problems, Rogaine a great option for those struggling with moderate hair loss. This product is cost effective, easy to apply, and gives most men great results! 

Next time you’re wondering: “does Rogaine work?”, give it a try and see if your balding concerns are a thing of the past.

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