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According to the Regenepure website, the creators of Regenepure DR are not interested in generating media hype.  They believe that the high quality shampoos and creams they produce speak for themselves.

Regenepure DR– Regenepure’s flagship hair loss shampoo– hasn’t quite caught on yet.  Other popular shampoos like Lipogaine Big 3 and VITAMINS by Nourish Beauté are currently dominating the market.  

We think that Regenepure DR looks like a promising up-and-comer.  This shampoo boasts a solid ingredient list.  Plus, it’s competitively priced.  But does this product have what it takes to win over fans of more popular hair loss ointments and shampoos?  Read on to find out the answer.

What Does “DR” Stand For?

The “DR” in Regenepure DR stands for doctor recommended.  The name makes sense.  Regenepure DR isn’t an innovative shampoo.  You won’t find any exotic ingredients in it.  However, all the ingredients in the shampoo really do help prevent hair loss.  

Regenepure Shampoo Ingredients

Some hair loss prevention shampoos gamble on promising ingredients.  For example, Bosley’s Bos Revive shampoo formula features pentapeptides.  Research has shown that pentapeptide-based creams smoothen out facial wrinkles.  Nobody knows for sure if pentapeptides also help reduce hair loss, but Bosley is willing to bet on it.  If it turns out that pentapeptides also help hair grow, Bosley will come out ahead.  However, if pentapeptides prove ineffective at restoring hair, the company will have to readjust the formula and try again.

All of the ingredients in Regenepure DR have been validated by scientific studies.  Let’s take a closer look at each one.regenepure-hairloss-review

Aloe Vera Gel

Multiple studies have proven that aloe fights inflammation.  Inflammation caused by dermatitis can cause to balding.  So, cooling your scalp with a shampoo that contains aloe may help you regrow hair if scalp inflammation is a problem.  

Some people love hair loss prevention shampoo that contains aloe, but others do not.  Depending on what kind of hair you have, aloe shampoos will either make your hair shiny and thick or leave it limp and greasy.  If aloe vera is compatible with your hair type, you may want to give this shampoo a try.


Ketoconazole is the most popular hair loss reducer.  It’s a powerful antifungal agent and it also has anti-inflammatory properties.  Additionally, ketoconazole inhibits a testosterone byproduct called DHT.  DHT is the biggest cause of hair loss in men.  Ketoconazole was one of the first substances for hair loss that performed well during medical experiments.  A 1998 study published in the International Journal for Clinical and Investigative Dermatology established ketoconazole as the go-to substance to combat hair loss.   

Gamma-linolenic acid

The most rare ingredient we noticed when we took a look at the list was linolenic acid.  Not many hair loss prevention shampoos have it.  According to Penn State Hershey, linolenic acid has a ton of health benefits.  In addition to stimulating hair growth, linolenic acid also fights acne and breast cancer.  Additionally, linolenic acid supplements are used to treat ADHD.  

Saw Palmetto

Like many competing hair loss shampoos, Regenepure DR contains Saw Palmetto.  Saw Palmetto is a wild fruit that has healing properties.  It’s an important ingredient in many Native American skin medicines.  Recent research has shown that compounds in Saw Palmetto block DHT.  DHT is a byproduct of testosterone that causes hair loss.  

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is made from a waxy plant that grows in Africa.  A recent study published in the February 2005 edition of Pharmacological Research showed that jojoba oil has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect on the skin.  A follow up study published in Forschende Komplementärmedizin showed that clay masks made from jojoba oil can heal acne.  If a chronic skin condition is causing hair loss, the jojoba oil in Regenepure DR will help it heal.

Emu Oil

Emu oil is a thin, oily liquid made from Emu fat.  When it was first discovered, some people started to believe that emu oil can cure cancer.  Studies have shown that Emu oil has no effect on cancer.  On the other hand, emu oil is great for relieving dermatitis and dandruff.  If dermatitis is causing you to lose hair, the emu oil in Regenepure DR may help.

Best Shampoo for Regrowing Hair?

A pilot study found on the US National Library of Medicine website showed some pretty amazing before and after shots of men who had tried ketoconazole for hair loss.  All 15 men showed some degree of improvement.  A few started regrowing hair after two months of use.  

Any shampoo that contains ketoconazole should help you regrow hair.  For only $25 a bottle, Regenepure DR is a pretty good deal.  Bos Revive from Bosley is $18, but it’s main active ingredient is MCT (methylchloroisothiazolinone).  Some ketoconazole based shampoos cost upwards of $40.  

Regenepure Reviews on YouTube

Popular YouTube fashion and beauty experts can make or break new hair products.  When a new shampoo formula comes out, shampoo marketers scramble to get it out to YouTube stars.  In exchange for reviewing the product on camera, YouTubers get to try out a new shampoo for free.

Chris from

Chris is a popular blogger that almost ruined his body after he chose to start taking steroids in the early 2000s.  Today, Chris creates videos and blog posts about his ongoing struggle to free himself from the adverse effects of prolonged steroid use.  He’s an expert on all kinds of different hair products.

In a YouTube video review, Chris said that Regenepure DR was an excellent hair loss shampoo.  According to Chris, the aloe helps take the edge off of the ketoconazole.  A few other ketoconazole shampoos left Chris’s hair feeling dry.  Chris went on to say that he liked Regenepure DR better than Hair Surge from Ultrax Labs.

Personal Trainer / YouTube Personality Sid Murad

Sid Murad has a strong following on Twitter.  He also occasionally makes humorous YouTube videos. 

Sid made two recent videos to document his personal hair regrowth experiment.  He said that after using the shampoo, his hair instantly felt fluffier and fuller.  The follow up video showed that Sid was able to make some progress and regrow hair around his hairline after using Regenepure DR and Rogaine for several weeks.

What About Regenepure DR’s Amazon Reviews?

Amazon shoppers love reading and writing reviews about various products.  A kind word from a high ranking Amazon reviewer can help a new product take off.  By the same token, a harsh review can destroy a new product’s chances of success.

Let’s see what Amazon’s most influential reviewers are saying about Regenepure DR.

Things Reviewers Liked About Regenepure DR

  • It’s great for dandruff and dermatitis.  Many reviewers with scalp skin conditions said that their symptoms improved after using Regenepure DR.  
  • It made their hair look good immediately.  Many purchasers noticed that their hair felt thicker immediately after using the shampoo for the first time.  The aloe vera contained in this shampoo probably caused this effect.

Things They Complained About

  • They didn’t like the new formula.  Somewhere along the way, the makers of Regenepure DR must have altered the shampoo formula.  A small minority of the commenters preferred the first version over the update.
  • Aloe vera complaints.  Users of hair loss prevention shampoo seem divided when it comes to aloe vera.  Some love it, but other say it leaves their hair feeling flat and limp.

Currently, Regenepure DR shampoo holds a four star rating.  Over half of the people who tried it awarded Regenepure DR a perfect five star rating.  Less than 10 percent didn’t like this product.

Regenepure DR vs Regenepure NT

Regenepure makes two different brands of shampoo: Regenepure DR and Regenepure NT.  The main difference between the two is ketoconazole.  Regenepure DR has it, but Regenepure NT does not.  The “NT” in Regenepure NT stands for nourishing treatment.  The NT version of Regenepure may help people with thin hair who have trouble with hair breakage.  However, only Regenepure DR will help you regrow hair if you have bald spots.

Where Can I Buy Regenepure DR?

Because Regenepure DR is a niche product, you won’t find it in WalMart.  However, many different specialty hair stores and hair loss clinics sell Regenepure DR.  Regenepure’s “find a retailer” portion of their website contains a map that will help you find out where you can buy Regenepure products locally.
Regenepure DR is cheaper to buy online than it is in the store.  If you don’t mind waiting a few days to get it, we recommend that you save a few dollars and buy Regenepur.

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There are plenty of great reasons why you should at least give the Regenepure DR shampoo a try for the first time. The product has been continuously rated as successful and original in its category. And who can deny that it is also not expensive for the massive advantages it offers! You can find it at the price of only $25! So, if you started noticing hair everywhere around in the apartment, treat yourself today and start the Regenepure Dr shampoo hair treatment at unbelievable costs!

8.9 Awesome
  • Thank You !

  • Kathryn

    I had high hopes for this one, but I didn’t like it. I started experiencing hair loss pretty much immediately after a Brazillian Blowout treatment about 6 years ago, and it has not gotten much better. Biggest mistake of my life. I know many people who have had no issues with this treatment, but it did not agree with me. I’ve tried many hair loss shampoos/conditioners since then including this one. My natural hair state is curly and prone to being dry and frizzy. This shampoo left my hair feeling limp and oily which is a feat in and of itself but not a good one. It didn’t do anything for the hair loss, and if possible it made it seem worse.
    Bumble and Bumble’s shampoo for hair loss surprisingly has helped me the most, but unfortunately it seems drying to my already dry hair. Another downside is that it isn’t a natural product at all which I try to be conscientious of since the Brazillian Blowout fiasco.

    • Thank you for your feedback!

  • Awe thank you!

  • Silence Dogood

    I have been using regenepure DR for a few years and it worked well. I say worked because recently the last 2 bottles I purchased seem liked the formula changed? Its seems watered down and doesnt seem to be giving the same effects as it once did. This product used to feel thick. Now it runs out of the bottle like water. The other thing I noticed is that my scalp doest feel as fresh as it use too and my hair doesnt get the fresh bounce that it used to from it either. I have been a customer for 5 years now and will be looking for a new brand soon. Not just because of the posdible formula change but because the formula also seems to go rancid in time turning from the sea foam green color to a rancid yellow color when i am only halfway through the bottle making me want to throw it away. The last reason I am going to look for a new brand is thier customer service is bad. They lost 2 out of my last 3 orders. They are suppose to be in south Florida I live in Tampa and it has taken them 2 weeks to get me my product? Both times they used the same excuse a week after I called to ask wheremy product was I was told oh we are sorry your order was found in the back of the mail truck along with a bunch of orders from other customers.

    I guess a lame excuse is better than no excuse at all but it seems as if this product has gotten pretty lame also. Im sure for$25 plus shipping cost I can find a product that works just as goos as thier old formula or better and not have it go rancid and have to wait 2 werks to receive it.

    Oh and by the way I am a former Owner of a skin care company and a former VP of another some Have credentials to judge products as I have made several and participated in the development of Hundreds

    • Thank you for the feedback! This is very helpful for our readers 🙂