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Check out the Top Laser Combs of 2017

We spend billions on hair-care products each year, a remarkable investment for a part of the body with no real function. We clean it, nourish it and style it — and we definitely mourn its loss.

Lots of products and procedures promise to restore thinning or disappearing hair. One especially intriguing option is the Laser Comb, a hand-held laser device that supposedly revives hair follicles.

How do Laser Combs Work?

A laser comb uses low-level laser therapy (also known as LLLT, photobiomodulation, cold laser therapy and laser biostimulation) as its treatment method for hair loss.

Laser therapy is a new medical technique, whereby exposure to low-level lasers or light-emitting laser diodes stimulates cellular function leading to beneficial clinical effects.

Laser hair combs promote the growth of hair by increasing the flow of blood to hair follicles. This brings nourishment and oxygen back to dormant hair follicles so your hair begins to grow in a normal, healthy way.

Laser hair combs promote the growth of hair by increasing the flow of blood to hair follicles. This brings nourishment and oxygen back to dormant hair follicles so your hair begins to grow in a normal, healthy way.

Hair laser combs are a drug-free alternative for treating hair loss. They are a non-invasive non-chemical approach to growing thicker, fuller, healthier hair. Lasers have been utilized for hair regrowth therapy for over 18 years now, but laser combs are the first handy tools you can use right at home.

A laser comb is usually cordless, which means more freedom where to use it. Yet it also means shorter sessions and recharging breaks. The comb is however used for shorter time sessions, maybe because of the recharging issue.

Read on to discover the best laser combs of 2017, their features, pros and cons and who they are best suited for.

The HairMax Advanced 7

HairMax Ultima 12 LaserComb
7 Reviews
HairMax Ultima 12 LaserComb
  • Stimulates Hair Growth.
  • Targeted Hair Loss Treatment.
  • Cleared by FDA.
  • Regrows Denser, Fuller Hair.
  • Home Use. For Both Men and Women.

While you may have never heard of a laser comb before, they have been on the market for a long time. Laser combs work to emit a low power laser beam onto the scalp.

When looking for the best Laser comb, check that it has multiple beams. The constant use of a comb exposes the scalp to the beams, which in term can help promote hair growth.

If you are in the market for a high-end laser comb, we love the HairMax Advanced 7 LaserComb FDA-Cleared Hair Growth Laser Device.

Laser Comb: HairMax

This product is the only at-home FDA approved medical device that has been proven to promote hair growth in both men and women.

The HairMax Advanced 7 has been clinically proven to stimulate hair growth, reverse the thinning process, and increase the density of the existing hair. This product has also been proven to revitalize damaged hair.

This comb delivers 12 individual beams of laser therapy and is fully rechargeable with an included charging cable. The HairMax Laser comb improves the hair’s condition and ability to regrow. It requires no batteries and can be charged in under 12 hours using the included charging cradle.

The Benefits of this Laser Comb
Laser Comb Information

The HairMax Advanced is loved by many people looking for a solution to their hair loss. You could be next!

Designed For In-Home Usage

The HairMax machine is the world’s first in home laser hair loss treatment. You can treat your thinning hair confidently and conveniently in the comfort of your own home. You no longer need to travel to a hair loss clinic or buy over the counter medication for your hair loss!

Quick and Painless

These hair loss treatments are pain-free and only take fifteen minutes. You no longer have to worry about having painful hair transplants or treating your scalp with chemicals. This tool is completely safe!

Although many people who have struggled to find alternatives were skeptical of this solution, once they tried it they were hooked on the results!

Suited For Both Men And Women

This tool can be used for both men and women alike who are suffering from hair loss. This laser comb has been proven to increase hair health with quality results that speak for themselves.

Users claim that their hair is thicker and more lustrous than ever before.

Excess in Hair Growth

Some people claimed that the more they used this machine the better and more effectively it worked. While it is only suggested to use it three or so times per week, many people used it six or seven times per week!

Users noticed that the first place they grew new hair was around their hairline, showing quick and real results. Another user claimed that in just one month her hair has stopped falling out!

Safe to Use

The HairMax Advanced is approved by the FDA as a safe hair loss treatment. You no longer have to worry about applying chemicals directly to your head anymore with a laser head comb.

Excellent Design

The comb has been ergonomically designed for maximum user comfort. Purchasers love the fact that it is completely cordless and rechargeable, with no messy or dangerous dangling cords.

This tool is also packaged very efficiently making it easily transportable.

The Limitations of the HairMax Advanced Comb

While this is a great product, some users have complaints about various features or aspects. However, we still feel that the benefits of this product far outweigh the negatives.


The HairMax Advanced is more expensive than typical hair loss products on the market. However, a laser hair comb such as this one is a one-time investment. You only will need to make one purchase.

Best Laser Comb HairMax

Unlike using rogaine or other supplements, you will not need to continue to purchase hair loss products. Therefore, although there is a steep upfront cost, over time this can be a more cost-efficient purchase.

Since this product is so high quality, it will last you for a long time. This product also comes with a manufacturer’s warranty so you can feel secure and reassured by purchasing this hair loss tool.


This laser comb can be difficult to charge. Some users claim that it can be difficult to get a charging connection with their HairMax laser comb. In an instance of a defective charger, it can be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. You simply need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for their warranty.

Despite the benefits and limitations of this comb, there are many pros and only a few cons associated with it:

Pros of HairMax Advanced 7:

  • FDA approved for effectiveness and safety
  • For women and men
  • Relatively low application frequency (3x weekly)
  • Increased flow of blood to the scalp
  • Stimulates the anagen (growth) phase of hair follicles

Cons of the HairMax Advanced 7:

  • Can cause slight headaches and nausea, especially if used in front of a mirror or computer screen (laser reflection)
  • The electrical pulses can dry your hair. To avoid drying, it is best to use the Laser Comb Advanced 7 while your hair is damp

Resolve Hair Loss with Hairmax The Top Laser Comb

Many people are loving the results they received with their HairMax laser comb. You too can join the thousands of consumers who are loving this hair laser today!

It is important to speak to a dermatologist or a physician before beginning any hair loss regimen. Take hold of your hair loss today and find one of the best laser combs on Amazon today!

Treat hair loss with the best laser combsThe NutraStim Hair Laser Comb

NutraStim Professional Hair Growth Laser Comb
27 Reviews
NutraStim Professional Hair Growth Laser Comb
  • Advanced FDA Cleared Hair Loss Treatment.
  • It Requires No Surgeries.
  • Helps Regrow Hair From The Roots Out.
  • Clinically Proven Effective by Medical Professionals.
  • A Hair Regeneration Treatment That is FDA-Cleared.

Introduced to the market in 2015, the NutraStim cordless handheld laser comb is FDA approved for regrowing hair for mild to moderate androgenic alopecia in men and women.

It contains 12 laser diodes. It delivers at a wavelength strength of 655 nm. The company recommends three treatments per week at eight minutes per session.

When looking for the best laser comb, consider the pros and cons of the NutraStim Hair comb to help you through the decision-making process: 

Pros of the NutraStim Laser Comb

  • Regenerates skin cells
  • Rechargeable
  • Usable for both women and men

Cons of the NutraStim Laser Comb

  • Very expensive
  • Not usable by everyone

Resolve Hair Loss With The NutraStim Laser Comb

This product was designed to help with hair regrowth for mild to moderate hair loss clients. You should always consult with a dermatologist or a physician before operating your hair loss regimen, but in the meantime, you can check out Amazon for this amazing laser comb!

The Power Grow Laser Comb

Have hair loss worries? Worry no more as the most cutting-edge hair growth technology is here, the Power Grow Comb. The Power Grow Comb is powered by low-level light and laser therapy, so energy is delivered to hair follicles, increasing circulation within your scalp.

It also features a vibration mode. This feels like a comfortable scalp massage and increases circulation and blood flow to help accelerate the hair growth process.

Pros of the Power Grow Comb

  • Stops hair loss and makes hair grow thicker, stronger and healthier
  • Tried and tested technology in professional exclusive clinics around the world with great success
  • Combines laser photo therapy that sends nourishing, Low-Level Laser Light Energy into your hair with bio stimulating technology to stimulate circulation

Cons of the Power Grow Comb

  • It is not allowed for dark or black skin because the laser light might have a different effect on dark skin

The Power Grow Laser Comb Can Help your Hair Regrowth

This product was designed to help hair loss while making hair thicker, stronger, and healthier. Before you decide on a laser hair comb for you, check out the Power Grow comb on Amazon.

power grow laser comb for hair lossThe HairMax 12 Laser Comb

Hairmax Lasercomb Professional 12, White
129 Reviews
Hairmax Lasercomb Professional 12, White
  • Awakens Dormant Hair Follicles.
  • Reverses Thinning Hair.
  • FDA Cleared Home Use Kit.
  • Promote Hair Growth in Men and Women.
  • Works Through The Process of Photobiostimulation.

The rechargeable, lithium-ion powered professional 12 laser therapy brush from HairMax is an expensive option that has an LCD screen which shows battery percentage and clocks treatment time.

As its name suggests it uses twelve individual lasers to nourish the scalp and is FDA cleared. It’s about 10in long, weighs around 2lb, and comes with a high-end portable travel case.

This comb is a reasonable option if you are looking for an easy-to-use yet slow working laser hair therapy comb. Check out the pros and cons to help you decide the best laser comb for you:

Pros of the HairMax 12 Comb

  • Energizes weakened hair follicles
  • Increases growth factors for more oxygen and nutrients to your hair follicles
  • Reverses hair’s thinning process – Restores hair’s natural growth cycle
  • Stimulates hair to grow fuller, denser and stronger

Cons of the HairMax 12 Comb

  • High price point
  • Has a limited effect on balding as it does not create hair follicles
  • Everyone has different results – doesn’t work for all users

Get Started with the HairMax 12 Last Comb today!

Reverse the thinning process and increase the density of your hair with this product! If you are interested in this comb, you can find it conveniently through Amazon.

Bosley Laser Comb Elite

Great hair with Bosley laser comb

The Bosley Laser Comb Elite features very precise, state of the art laser diodes that deliver healing lasers to your scalp. Cordless and very easy to use, it features 2 rows of teeth which are aligned with lasers and should be used for about fifteen minutes.

Bosley is suitable for individuals who wish to halt hair shedding or get thicker hair. However, it isn’t intended for individuals who wish to grow hair on bald patches. Before deciding on the best hair loss solution for you, check out the pros and cons of this elite comb: 

Before deciding on the best hair loss solution for you, check out the pros and cons of this elite comb: 

Pros of the Bosley Laser Comb

  • FDA Approved
  • Ergonomic Grip
  • Painless Procedure
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • The use of the device is as convenient as possible with the cordless operation
  • Appropriate for men and women

Cons of the Bosley Laser Comb

  • This is one of the most expensive laser combs that are available. At its price point, the Bosley should have basic features like vibrator or sensors for efficient usage

Consider the Bosley Laser Comb

If you are looking for your next hair loss solution and price is not a factor for you, this is a great laser comb to consider. Get started by purchasing the Bosley laser comb today!

Choosing the Best Hair Loss Laser Comb

If you’re having a difficult time with hair loss, using a laser comb can aid your hair’s regrowth or make it healthier. While no product is perfect, it is the ideal way to help prevent further hair loss.

Laser combs can be a safe option to try before making a larger investment in laser hair therapy. They can make your hair look fuller and healthier, which is ideal for those wanting a healthier head of hair. 

If you have any questions related to laser hair combs, feel free to leave them in the comments section.

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          • Targeted Hair Growth


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