HairOmega Review: Pros and Cons of the Hair Loss Solution

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Here’s How HairOmega Can Help With Hair Loss

Previously known as Maxahair, Hairomega is one of the hair loss solutions that have taken the beauty stratosphere by storm in the past few years. A simple analysis of their Amazon sales, for instance, is enough to convince you of their unbridled popularity.

Is it really the holy grail for those looking to reverse premature baldness and other lifestyle & medical anomalies that often result in hair loss? Let’s see.

HairOmega Ingredients

Like any other targeted hair-rejuvenating formulation, Hairomega employs a unique combination of DHT ( dihydrotestosterone ) to stop and reverse premature hair loss. From a physical and biological point of view, DHT ( dihydrotestosterone ), is a significant hormone particularly as one advances in age.

Optimal levels of DHT in the bloodstream is responsible for hair growth, rejuvenation, and maintenance. On the flipside, excess DHT will often result in balding, thinning and flaking of the scalp.

It is with this backdrop that Hairomega works by trying to inhibit the excessive production of DHT by effectively reducing the action of 5-alpha reductase in the blood.

In addition to this, it also contains three active ingredients that are dedicated to boosting blood circulation in the area surrounding the hair follicle cells – these are Gingko Biloba, niacin, and grape seed extract.

The combination is then complemented by a nutritional balance of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Cysteine, and MSM.

Pros of Hairomega

1. Reasonably Effective

The action employed by Hairomega which involves reducing the levels of DHT in the blood while at the same time stimulating blood circulation near the scalp area often results in a vibrant hair growth at best or a slower hair loss rate at worst.

In fact, one of its major DHT-inhibiting ingredients ( palmetto extract ) is proven to have a 60% success rate in stopping and reversing hair loss on its own. And when taken together with other plant sterols – as demonstrated in Hairomega – the formulation has a 75% chance is helping you regain your hairline.

2. Reversing Nutritional Deficiency

Mineral and vitamin deficiencies are another leading cause of hair loss that is often overlooked. However, Hairomega takes care of this angle by incorporating vitamins B2, B1, B3, and B5 in its one-of-a-kind 3-in-1 combination.

In addition, to address possible minerals deficiency in the subjects, Hairomega packs a healthy balance of Zinc and Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM).

HairOmega has vitamin b for baldingThe latter is responsible is for the supply of amino acids which, besides serving as one the main building blocks of hair proteins, it also provides the much-needed sulfur nourishment to the recovering hair follicles.

The result is often a remarkable hair regrowth in most balding individuals.

Possible Cons

1. Extremely Costly

It is no secret that Hair-omega is one of the most expensive anti-balding and hair loss formulations in the market. But given that it has recorded some impressive results over a broad range of users from varying ethnic/lifestyle backgrounds, it might be worth the extra dollars.

However, you could end up paying such a hefty price for a product that doesn’t work for you.

2. Contains some Side Effects

Hair-omega – like most medical conditions recommended for balding individuals – is not tolerated by 100% of the population. Palmetto, for example, one of its ingredients, can cause indigestion if taken on an empty stomach.

Our Recommendation

Hairomega is best reserved for people exhibiting the tell-tale signs premature balding and acute hair loss but who are not allergic or sensitive to palmetto.

Although a bit pricey, Hairomega is reasonably effective and is proven to stop and reverse premature to an extent. However, you will want to look for another anti-hair loss formulation if you’re sensitive to palmetto. You can check it out here

Hair Omega

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          • Effective
          • Reverse Nutritional Deficiency


          • Minor Side Effects
          • Expensive