Top Tips For Hair Growth – Stop Hair Loss & Regrow Hair

Hair Thinning

Around the world, having long and healthy hair is considered to be an attractive quality for both men and women. Making sure this happens is not only about growing long, luscious hair, but also keeping it.

Hair loss is a common phenomenon that can occur in both women as well as men. Hair loss (such as male pattern baldness) is a universal problem that affects all people, regardless of their race or ethnicity. For people all around the world, hair loss or having thin hair is a real nightmare.

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To help you regrow hair naturally, we’ve compiled this list of top tips for hair regrowth. We’ll help explain what causes hair loss and then give you tips on how to combat this and make sure your hair grows long, full, and healthy!

There are many different causes of hair loss. They include:

  • Major illnesses such as malaria and typhoid cause excessive loss of hair.
  • Heredity factors
  • Hormonal dysfunction
  • Psychological factors such as stress
  • Fungal infections
  • Improper hair care
  • Internal health hazards like lupus and diabetes

For one to curb hair thinning, he or she must adopt proper hair care practices. Hair growth largely depends on various factors such as age, weather, diet, lifestyle and overall health.

Depending on these factors, you may be more or less prone to hair thinning and hair loss. Ultimately, these factors will affect the ways that hair loss manifests for you, as well as the recommended methods of hair loss treatment moving forward.

It’s also important to note that no matter how healthy you are, people often experience hair loss more as they age. Your hair loses some of its strength and vitality as you get older, causing it to lose some of it’s health.

It therefore gets more dry, less nourished, and looks less wonderful. There are ways to make sure you help resist hair loss and thinning as you age though, many of which you can do on a daily basis.

Hair Thinning

While hair thinning may not seem to be as severe as hair loss, it can lead to full hair loss and can just as seriously impact your life.

Hair thinning is largely caused by the same issues as hair loss, but is either less severe or you resist the effects more. Either way, the basic principles and processes are the same; and so are the methods of treatment and care.

By making some life changes and using certain hair regrowth products, you can help fight hair thinning and make sure you grow a rich, full, and healthy head of hair.

Here Are Top Tips For Hair Growth

how to stop hair loss 1. Eat a Healthy Diet

This is a simple and very effective way of promoting growth of hair. A good diet keeps hair healthy and ensures that it continues to grow. Eating a diet rich in protein, vitamins and minerals is essential for hair re-growth.

Eat foods that are rich in vitamin A, B, C and E, zinc, iron, copper, selenium and magnesium. These foods include: milk, nuts, broccoli, carrots, chicken, eggs, salmon, spinach and many other nutritious foods.

Healthy hair is largely dependent on the nutrients that it gets, which is almost entirely determined by your diet.

Monitoring and managing what you eat is therefore one of the best ways of ensuring that you set your hair up for proper growth, allowing it to grow strong, full, and beautiful!

2. Hot Oil Scalp Massages

Essential oils give hair the required nutrients and vitamins for growth. Use oils such as castor oil, coconut oil, and olive oil. This makes hair to grow at an amazing rate.

These oils are often warmed up, left to cool to a temperature that is safe to apply to your hair and scalp, and then massaged gently into your scalp and hair follicles. It is typically left to sit on your head for a short period of time so that the nutrients can be fully absorbed.

After a short period of time left sitting, the oil is then rinsed off. Typically, this needs to be applied regularly on an intermittent schedule for the best (and lasting) results.

3. Drink a Lot Of Water

Drinking water is a quick and natural method of growing hair quickly. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. Water strengthens hair and makes it grow faster.

4. Limit Blow Drying

Blow drying is a major cause of hair loss. Limit it as much as possible and let the hair dry on its own. Blow drying exposes hair to too much heat hence slowing down growth of hair.

More than that, this heat can cause serious damage to your hair. It will dry it out, cause breakage, and even harm your roots! Letting your hair naturally air-dry is the best for the longevity and health of your hair.

While blow drying is convenient, we’d suggest avoiding it as much as possible. If you do need to do it, try using a low-heat setting that is gentle on your hair.

5. Avoid Frequent Washes

While it is good to wash regularly, many people actually over-wash their hair.

One does not have to wash their hair on a daily basis unless it’s absolutely necessary. When washed too much, hair loses natural oils and becomes unhealthy.

In order to keep these healthy oils, resist from washing daily and do so every other day or a few times a week. The less chemicals you use on your hair, the better it’s health will be.

6. Nourish Dry Ends

Since hair gets more nutrients at the roots of your hair, the ends of your hair are the driest. This part of your hair requires the most attention.

The longer your hair is, the more care, treatment, and attention your hair will require. Make sure to nourish and treat the ends of your hair just as much as the roots so that they stay healthy and your hair can grow long and look gorgeous!

7. Exercise

Just like your diet, exercise has a major impact on your overall health, affecting a range of different aspects of your health more acutely.

Exercise increases blood circulation which in turn stimulates hair follicles to make hair grow. Engage in a lot of exercise to allow more blood flow to the scalp for faster and thicker hair.

That being said, exercising one time won’t stimulate spontaneous hair re-growth. In order for exercise to make a positive impact on your hair growth, you’ll need to exercise consistently and substantially. However, getting in a regular workout is a great way of helping to fight hair loss.

8. Care For Hair While Sleeping

If you’re thinking that you already do all of that, there may be something you’re doing in your sleep that isn’t good for your hair or its growth.

It’s not advisable to sleep with a tight ponytail or braid as it hampers growth of hair. Sleeping with a tight ponytail can even cause pain in the scalp.

Make sure you leave your hair free so that it isn’t strained or stressed, as this can damage your hair and its health. Also, if you are using products that need to sit, such as oils you massage into the scalp, make sure you don’t leave them on overnight unless the product actually indicates this.

While you may think that the longer you leave something on your head, the better the effects, but this isn’t the case. Be sure to rinse most products from your hair before going to bed!

9. Avoid Stress

Stress causes hair loss. For hair protection, avoid stress and find stress-relieving techniques.

negative effect; in fact, stress can cause hair loss. In order to fight the effects of hair loss and thinning, it’s a good idea to avoid stress and try to practice stress-relieving techniques.

Whether it’s yoga, meditation, or simply some down time, make sure that you release stress to avoid the effects it can have on your hair.

10. Strain on Your Hair

Another issue is strain on your actual hair. Much like restricting your hair during the night can have negative effects on hair growth, this can happen throughout the day as well and by tugging on your hair.

Make sure that you don’t strain or stress the hair itself. Avoid using thin-toothed combs, which pull on your hair and harshly brushes and tangles your hair.

Instead, use a wide-toothed comb to safely brush through the knots with minimal pulling and tugging.

This is especially true if you have thin and easily tangled hair!

Here Are Some of The Products That Protect Hair and Encourage Fast Hair Growth:

Natural Hair Care Products

There are a number of natural hair care products that may not offer the fastest effects, but should keep your hair in the best condition over the long-term. Many of these are even products that you can find around your home regularly and on a daily basis.

Castor oil

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Castor oil is rich in omega-9 fatty acids and Vitamin E, which are both essential nutrients that help with the health and growth of your hair.

By massaging it into your scalp and letting it sit, the nutrients will be absorbed by the hair follicles and your scalp, helping to grow your hair from the roots.

  • Mix castor oil with an equal amount of almond, olive , or coconut oil
  • Massage the scalp with it
  • Leave it on for 30-45 minutes

Apple Cidar Vinegar

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The vinegar gently cleanses the scalp and maintains the PH of the hair promoting hair growth. After washing the hair use apple cedar vinegar to rinse.


Herbs like catnip, rosemary, horsetail, burdock, nettle, sage promote hair growth by stimulating hair follicles.

Green tea has polyphenols and anti-inflammatory properties which are good for hair growth.

Preparing an herbal infusion is easy.

  1. Steep a herb of choice in hot water for 10-20 minutes
  2. Shampoo and condition the hair
  3. Use the infusion to rinse the hair

Egg Whites

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It may seem a little unorthodox, but egg whites are a great product to fight hair growth. Better than this, they’re in almost every home, making them easily accessible and convenient to apply.

This is a very effective home remedy for hair loss. Whisk together the whites of 3 eggs and massage them into the hair and let it sit for 5 – 10 minutes.

Egg whites have a lot of nutritional vitamins that seep into the hair making it stronger and healthier.

Onion Juice

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This is one of the oldest and very effective home remedy for hair growth. Onion juice is rich in sulphur which boosts collagen production in the tissues.

Chop the onion into small pieces and squeeze out the juice. Apply the juice on the scalp and keep it for 15 minutes. Finally rinse with a mild shampoo.

Potato Juice

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Most people are not aware of this home remedy for hair loss. This juice has hair growth properties that prevent thinning of hair

In order to get the right mixture, clean and peel potatoes, blend them and then strain out the liquid. From here, you can take the liquid and use it on your scalp and hair follicles, massaging it into your hair.

These juices contain vitamins A, B, and C, giving your hair essential nutrients to help fight hair loss and foster solid growth.

Hair Loss Shampoos and Conditioners

Resisting hair loss is a long-term, consistent process. It requires regular treatment, care, and attention to maintain the best condition and health of your hair.

To achieve this, you’ll not only want to get hair care products that are specially designed for your needs, but also practice regular, consistent care of your hair.

One of the best ways of doing this on a daily basis is to ensure that you pick and choose the best shampoos and conditioners for your hair.

That way, you’ll practice regular hair care and make sure you are constantly giving your hair what it needs to grow healthy and to fight hair loss.

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    My hairs are falling very fast so I just want to know one easy and good solution to stop it.

  • saurabh

    My hairs are falling very fast so I just want to know one easy and good solution yo stop it

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